Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Chin Up, Buttercup

Today was trying. 

Some aspects were great!  Others were full of extreme stress, anger, and frustration - bordering on furious rage.  I seriously needed a punching bag or access to a demolition site.  Parts of me still feel psycho when I begin to dwell on it.

But those feelings cannot define me.  I cannot allow them to ruin my day or enable me to make bad choices.  I actually found myself in the cookie dough a couple of times before I came to my senses and snapped myself out of it. 

Stupid cookie dough. 
Stupid anger. 

That's negative and gross.

Smart me! 
Awesome habit I'm forming!
Yay for these situations!
Yay for strength to deal with them in new, healthy ways!
Thank You, God, for helping me through this!
I love where this one decision is taking me!
I love that as small as this may seem for some people, it's a great victory for me!
I love that this brought me one step closer to my dream!

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