Sunday, April 1, 2012

An 80's Zumba Birthday!

To celebrate my 34th April Fool's Day birthday and my dream of losing weight and maintaining a healthy lifestyle, we danced off some calories with an 80's-themed Zumba party!  An hour and a half of Zumba was a lot to handle, but a TON of fun!  It was like being at a dance club with your girls... without the unwanted advances from randoms.  SO MUCH BETTER!

Here are some photos of our rad time!

We had four amazing Zumba instructors who choreographed dance moves to 80's songs especially for the party!  Jadalyn (the instructor at the front in the pink top and green skirt) and I went to high school together.  Dancing with her reminded me of our show choir days (not quite as cool as Glee)! 

That's me in the florescent yellow-green Fort Walton Beach shirt, black tutu, and - yep - black fish nets!  Quite an outfit but boy was it fun to dance in!  I forgot how much hair I really had until it was piled up on one side of my head.  I was dying by the time I made it home!

We danced to fun songs like Beat It, Footloose, Push It, Bust A Move, Thriller (my highlight), and so many others!

Fourteen girls came to dance, including our four instructors.  Eighteen dancers is a really fun time!  I just wish I could have this much fun in my basement every night.  I do have the outfit, so maybe that would kick it up a notch!

We had such a blast that we've decided to plan a Zumba "theme" party every quarter!  We just rocked the 80's, so some possible themes are 60's, 70's, 90's, celebrity, rocker, nerd, wigged out (we all wear wigs) and others!  (I'm open to suggestions!) 

Zumba's a BLAST and I love it!

To let you in on a little secret, becoming a certified Zumba instructor is on my dream list (and has been since the day I created that list)!  Now I'm SUPER motivated to make it a reality.  

It's time to DO WORK!


  1. Chrissy, that looked like a lot of fun! Happy (late) birthday!

  2. Thanks, Jennifer! It really was an absolute BLAST! I can't wait to do another theme party! Thanks for joinging and following my blog!! :)