Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Workout Let Down

Last night I found it difficult to go to sleep... I was way excited about the new lunch-time Zumba class!  Today, about an hour before we were going to leave, I happened to look at the gym's website.  I noticed that it suggested making an appointment if you're interested in touring and joining.  When I called, I mentioned that my friend and I were interested in attending the noon Zumba class.  The girl regretfully informed me that she wouldn't have anyone available to let us in for the class today but could arrange it for Thursday. 

The scoop is that this gym has three locations, but the main location has a rep who gives tours and sets up memberships and all that fun stuff.  To visit the other locations, you need to make an appointment to ensure someone is available to meet you.  All the locations have a super secure entry system.  Each member has a 5 digit passcode and you stick your hand in a scanner to verify it's really you.  Members can use the gym whether an employee is there or not.  Long story, but that's what's up.  So, they didn't have enough time to prepare and accommodate us.  No biggie... but man I was disappointed and really let down.

I felt some underlying rage the rest of the work day!  I was just so frustrated because I needed that release.  But, there was one thing I could control: my actions the rest of the day.  The weather was an amazing 80 degrees and the last place I wanted to be was in my dark, dingy basement working out.  But, I did it.  I ended my three week lag today without the lunch-time Zumba class!  I went to the basement and did my own Zumba. 

I wasn't lazy. 

I didn't make excuses. 

I didn't find other things to do. 

I just worked out.  AND I FELT GOOD!

Then I made dinner.

Then I cleaned house.

And I did laundry.

I feel accomplished and pretty darn awesome.  YAY TRIUMPH AND VICTORY!!!

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