Saturday, March 10, 2012


I have a confession to make.  While I've been doing well with my food intake, I've slipped up on my commitment to fitness.  I haven't worked out once since our trip to Shreveport... which was three weeks ago.  This past week I've been so sick with bronchial junk that it's been difficult to do normal things, let alone aerobic exercise.  However, I could convince myself that we've been so busy that I just haven't had time.  The truth is, I need to make time to work out and stop making excuses.

After a recent post, my sister-in-law suggested that I try committing to just one workout a week for a while, rather than the 4 to 5 I've been striving for.  She said setting my number of workouts to more than one or two in the beginning may set me up for failure.  Until exercise is a habit, it's going to be a conscious, and sometimes difficult, effort.  I'll need something to celebrate every week until I'm ingrained with this new habit.  This strategy worked for her and she's now committed to 4 workouts a week, with additional bonus workouts here and there!  She also keeps track of her bonus workouts and each time she reaches 10, she gets a reward!

I think giving myself permission to commit to one workout per week and keep track of my bonus workouts might make it easier for me to celebrate my exercise success.  I really do want to set myself up to succeed!

Now you know I slipped up.  But I didn't fail.  I didn't quit altogether.  And I didn't ruin everything.  I was honest with myself and with you.. and now I can move forward!

So I think I'll mix things up a little with these one-song workouts.  And, my friend and I plan to start attending a lunch-time Zumba class this week!  This might make it easier for me to get fitness in with less excuses.  Again, we don't always have to put in a full hour of aerobic exercise.  Even 10 or 20 minutes of moving is better than sitting still, doing nothing.  We just need to get up and MOVE!  Remember, we're in this together... these changes aren't always easy but we CAN get through them! 


  1. I hope this "different" perspective for exercise sets up better for success. However, I think the power in this message is YOUR persistence and determiniation to succeed with YOUR committment to exercise! Your MIND is changing and your body is eventually going to catch up!
    Thanks for "confessing" and moving forward! You got this one!! Now, go dance your booty off!

  2. Thank you for pointing that out, Kendra! I'd never paid attention to notice it... but I'm excited for my body to catch up! Now... I must DANCE!!!