Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Wednesday Wow Factor!

Week 11
Start date: 12/28/11
Initial weight:
Current weight:
This week's loss
: Gained 1 pound
Last week's dream focus: Stop making excuses for not working out, work out 4 times between now and next week, stay under caloric budget for the week, and work HARD to overcome feelings of defeat, insecurity, and self-negativity. 
What went well:  I broke my 3 week workout lag and I didn't let the fact that we couldn't do our lunchtime Zumba class keep me from working out!  I gave myself more compliments - fighting insecurity, and I didn't completely blow my caloric intake.
Challenges: I felt ravenous when it came to eating this past week.  Some days went really well and others were awful.  It may have been a result of the steroids I took to fight the bronchitis, but it was almost like I was making up for all the food I didn't get to eat when I was sick, yet I was just under 103 calories for the week.  This, and only working out once (last night), attributed to my gain.  I did have dadgum Jose Pepper's (my kryptonite) and left stuffed, and ate some sweets and ice cream I should have resisted.  
BUT, today's a new day and I'm looking forward now!  AND this is the first and only time in 11 weeks that I've actually gained weight... and it was only a pound... so I'm celebrating!
This week's dream focus: Work out 2 times - keeping track of any bonus workouts, stay under caloric budget for the week, make healthier choices in the foods I'm eating, and continue fighting those feelings of defeat, insecurity, and self-negativity.