Thursday, March 22, 2012

Today I Will

Each and every day it's necessary to say these words.  They may need to be repeated several times before you really feel it, but they're really important.  And you can customize them with what speaks to you.  So if I altered this, I'd change the word "goal" to "dream" and I'd add "Today, I'll thank God for the blessings He pours on my life!" 

It feels good to say these words out loud.  It makes them real.  It helps them stick.

Today I realized I have a hard time convincing myself to do a workout if it's not 40-60 minutes of high-impact aerobics.  So even though I've blogged about how 10 or 20 minutes of exercise is better than doing no exercise at all, I seem to only work out doing dance aerobics because it burns a good amount of calories.  If I don't have an hour to devote to an aerobic workout, I don't do one at all. 

When I sit here and think about the amount of burned calories I've missed out on by making this decision, it saddens me.  Then I realize if I work out 20 minutes a day verses not at all, it can really add up! 

But it's not always about burning calories.  It's also about toning muscles!  There are several areas of my body I'm uncomfortable with and doing an hour of dance aerobics may not necessarily focus on toning those particular areas.  Those 20 minute workouts focused on squats and lunges and lifting weights will really pay off when my dream becomes a reality, so I need to remember this on the days I have only 20 minutes verses an hour to exercise!

It takes many small changes to keep us moving in the direction of our dreams.  It doesn't happen overnight and every smart decision makes a difference.  These changes lead to a lifestyle change... it's permanent if you allow it to be!  And most importantly, we have to remember that we're going to mess up.  We might even mess up daily.  But it does NOT mean you've ruined everything and should just give up!

* We aren't perfect
* We shouldn't put that kind of pressure on ourselves
* We'll make mistakes
* We can rise out of the ashes
* When we do, we become even more beautiful and refined
* We can make our dreams come true
* We just need to focus on the positive and shrug off the negative
* We need to remember how blessed we are
* We need to believe...


  1. WOWSERS!!! Did I ever need to hear these words this week??
    This is really the first week since Jan. 16th tht I've felt liked I've really struggled to make healthy choices and I've been over calories two days in a row and b/c of some not so healthy decisions.
    I've had to forgo some exercise sessions this week b/c of work and meeting Greg at K State on Thursday....I only got 3 workouts in, but am looking for LOTS of walking around the campus!!

    Thanks, sister, for the perfect words, once again!!!

  2. I'm so glad it helped!! Being out of town and out of your normal routine really poses a challenge, but as long as you don't totally blow it and give up alltogether, you're on the right track!! YAY!! Keep focusing and rockin' out!!