Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Though I Fall, I Will Rise Again

Why do we have to learn some things the hard way? 

When the lesson's learned and I don't keep repeating the same mistakes over and over, I don't mind it as much.  It's the repetition of those mistakes that frustrates me! 

My current repetition: waiting too long to eat.  
The negative effects (it's about to get ugly, folks):  a headache, grumpiness, short-tempered, angry, stressed, consumed with wanting something to eat, ravenous, inhaling food when I can finally get to it, and craving sweets

I can't believe I actually admitted that to the world.  But it's real.  It's what I go through.  It's part of my journey.  It's what I have to work on and improve.

This is something I can totally change with little effort.  And this change will make a big difference in my success!  Starting today I will focus to improve this challenge!

* I can be sure to have snacks in my purse with me incase I'm in a crunch! 
* I can keep healthy food options in my house and drawer at work!
* I can remind myself what will happen if I allow myself to go into "starvation" mode (aka: Incredible Hulk-style Chrissy)!
* I can focus on my dream and how important it is to me, inspiring myself to make the right decision to move me in that direction faster!

Don't underestimate the impact of these small changes. 

And don't worry if you fall... you can always rise again!

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