Saturday, March 24, 2012

Never Be Afraid to Fall Apart

This is so great, right?  I wish I'd taken this view all along!  It actually makes me feel less afraid to mess up and fall apart (a fear I frequently battle). 

I never realized how hard I try to be "perfect" at certain things.  Especially when it comes to weight loss.  But "perfect" is just unrealistic so I'm working hard to change this expectation in my life. 

For instance, I really feel stressed when I go over my caloric budget, even if it's by 100 calories.  And, like I mentioned in my last post, I've taken the view that a work out that doesn't involve over 30 minutes of aerobics isn't worth the time.  (So not true, by the way!)  When I'm faced with a serious craving for a certain kind of food I battle hard to slow down, really enjoy the food, and stop when I'm truly full.  Sometimes I don't slow down, enjoy my food, and stop when I'm full (Mexican food).  When the dinner is over, I feel like I failed because I didn't do it perfectly.

But every one of these situations is teaching me.  It's shaping me.  It's preparing me for the future... for my dream.  I'm learning how to take everything in stride.  I'm learning how to get back up when I fall down.  I'm getting stronger and I'm learning how to say no when I should.  And most of all, I'm strengthening my mind muscles because some of the biggest battles we face are on our heads.

All these little changes take time but they add up to BIG success!  I'm excited to see the end result, but I'm also learning to enjoy the journey... both the ups AND the downs.

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