Friday, March 9, 2012

Live Without Regret

Wow.  Amazing words.  Imagine if we did each one of these at least once a day... 

How might our lives change?

What would that look like?

How would it inspire us to see things differently?

How would it inspire others?

How would it affect our relationships?

Would we be more engaged in life?

Would we have more courage?

Would we be willing to step out of our comfort zone?

Would we try things we've never tried?

Would we dream bigger?

We can do this.  I believe in us.  I need you to believe in us, too.  Let's put our faith in God and see where He leads.  This journey is precious and fleeting... live without regret!


  1. Once again, parallel journeys!!! I was struggling this week with a small weight gain and a very slow weight loss so far. I am now down 7.2lbs (and yes, I AM counting that 0.2 lbs!! LOL!!). I have been deligent and precise with EVERY calorie and I've had 4-6 workouts 3 weeks in row (I was sick again for part of one of those weeks). I've been 1550-3000 calories under my Net weekly goal.
    I did not slip back into the "failure" mind set or the negative, black hole of pessimism and dispair. I wanted to re-think my strategies and tweak my plan, but I needed a pity potty momemnt.

    My perception changed, however, when I put on a pair of jeans that I barely could button at Xmas and were SO uncomfortable I simply had not been wearing them. I did not grab this pair on purpose, I was reaching for a different pair. I slipped them and they zipped right up WITHOUT sucking in my stomach or holding my breath!!! I even had a finger space of room around the waist!!!
    My perception of my healthy living efforts totally changed in that moment. The number on the scale isn't moving the way I am expecting it to, BUT my body IS changing! I am losing inches!! I have not taken new measurements since Jan, but will do them again March 16th, my two month/8 week mark.
    This moment left me feeling powerful and in control, two of my MOST important weight loss advantages!
    It IS amazaing what a single change in your thought or preception can do in a single moment!
    You help me see this and help me change my life one moment at a time, too!
    Hugs, Kendra

  2. It's just crazy how we seem to be on parallel journeys!!! Congrats on your jeans!!!!! That is really a fabulous feeling... to remember how it felt when you weren't even close to being able to button them... and then to slip them on effortlessly and have space!!! Definitely a reason to celebrate!!! LOVE IT!!!

    I'm glad my blog and outlook helps you, too! Your comments always seem to help me, too!! YAY!!!!