Thursday, March 29, 2012

It's a Good Day

Today was good!  Yes, I went to work.  Yes I had actual work to do and meetings to attend.  But after a few down days, it just felt good to feel good again! 

I had a fun lunch with with my husband that rejuvenated my soul!
I laughed with my co-workers!
I reflected on how many obstacles we overcame in our last project sprint!
I appreciated my team members and recognized how they make my job better!
I read some uplifting e-mails!
I thanked God for blessings and gifts and struggles and challenges!
I listened to uplifting music!
I enjoyed how amazing the weather felt!
I rolled the windows down, cranked the radio, and sang my lungs out so people could hear!
I "braked" for a Canada goose who made it through another hunting season!
I let things roll off my shoulders and didn't let the usual stress get to me!
I had fun and made others have fun with me!
I praised God with my voice and made a joyful noise (with the exception of one song)!
I helped my mom pick out an 80's outfit for a theme party!
I cranked my radio again on the way home and partied, by myself, dancing like crazy (as best you can behind the wheel), and singing at the top of my lungs for 35 minutes!

And now, I just feel happy... and ready for rest.  J

Have fun!  Appreciate the good in life and really cherish everything about your existence.  And don't rely on anyone else to make you happy.  Instead...


  1. yay, glad you had a good day. I appreciate the quote at the end.

  2. Thanks, Liz!! I'm so glad - I loved that quote, too! It made my heart feel so good!

  3. Thanks for all the great reminders!