Monday, March 19, 2012

Do Work, Son.

Ahhh... hard work.  It's a beautiful, wonderful thing.  It really does pay off when you put in the effort! 

Now, how do we get ourselves to make the effort?

I'm finding the best way to motivate myself is to constantly focus on the positive results that will come as a result of the hard work.  Results like:
~ My clothes will become too big to wear and I'll be forced to buy new clothes in smaller sizes
~ I'll be able to wear dresses with cute boots
~ I'll feel slightly more comfortable in a swim suit
~ No more muffin top!
~ My body will hurt less
~ I'll be happier when I look in the mirror
~ My outside will match the way I feel inside
~ I will no longer be forced to buy plus sized clothes
~ My clothing store options will increase greatly
~ I won't feel winded doing simple tasks
~ I'll have terrific before and after pictures to help inspire others and myself

Sometimes changing our perspective from positive to negative changes everything about our world.  It helps us dig deep inside ourselves to find what really drives and motivate us.  It gives us the courage to step away from what's comfortable and do something different.  It helps us become a better version of ourselves. 

Best of all, it gets us one step closer to our dreams. 

Focus.  Believe.  Try.  Don't give up.  Try again.  Empower yourself.  Have faith. 

...and dream.

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