Tuesday, March 20, 2012


Who knew CTRL+ALT+DEL was so simple?  These basics sum it up.  But it's figuring out how we can make these happen.

CTRL your hunger and portions - don't let yourself get to "starvation mode".  Keep granola bars or other simple, healthy, low calorie snacks in your purse or close by for hunger emergencies.  Eat smaller meals more often.  You can still eat what you want so you aren't depriving yourself, just slow down and enjoy every bite and feel thankful for the blessing of that food!

ALT your lifestyle and choices - Focus on your dreams!  Define advantages you envision of losing weight and read them daily!  Find close friends who can hold you accountable!  Share your journey with others in some way!  Don't feel deprived.  Instead, focus on the positive things about your journey and how your life will change for the better once your dream has come true!

DEL bad food and vibes - When possible, avoid foods that aide in delaying your dream from being a reality.  Don't deprive yourself of foods, but begin making better decisions about what you consume!  Quit being negative... about and to yourself and to others!  Stop focusing on the negative things and only focus on positive things about your journey!  Avoid people who intentionally or inadvertently keep you from reaching your dream!

It's that simple!  Focus on the right things.  Keep your mind in control.  Let go and enjoy your journey!


  1. This just brought tears to my eyes! I am printing and posting this! It does sound "easy" but boy it is REALLY hard! Esp. getting started and having Satan trying to keep his hold on me in this area....I am still struggling, but I am encouraged by you, this blog, and I DO feel a glimmer of hope...it is just SO hard breaking out of my bad routine and bad motions that I am stuck in. Thank you for sharing your journet because it is THIS VERY BLOG that finally gave my a spark! Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!

  2. Oh I'm so glad, Tammy!!! It's certainly not always easy, I know all about that. The best thing you can do is pray constantly and ask God to help you focus on your dream and keep an optimistic view about your journey. He'll definitely answer you!

    The thing we need to remember is that God doesn't want us in bondage to food more than we no longer want to be bound by it. He wants us to turn to Him for all our needs! We have a tendancy to try and control every aspect of our lives, but what if we just tried to give this one over to Him? Maybe if we start there AMAZING things will happen!!

    Don't let Satan have any control over you... your thoughts, you views about yourself, your confidence in your ability to achieve this dream, your worth, or any other lies he tries to tell you. "...with God ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE!!!!" Matthew 19:26