Friday, March 30, 2012

Being Okay With Being Who You Are

Today I read a post on Facebook that broke my heart.  Some insecure, hateful, jealous person called my beautiful friend "fat".  I realize they did it to make themselves feel better and to mask their own securities.  Regardless of the reason, it was absolutely uncalled for.  
It broke my heart because I've been in her shoes... more than once.  I know how it feels when those words cut into your heart like a knife.  I understand how it crushes your spirit.  I get how fast it consumes your thoughts and makes you feel less than acceptable in our world.
Attacks like this are lies straight from the devil.  He doesn't want you to like yourself.  He doesn't want you to be happy.  In fact, he wants you to be miserable, focused on your insecurities, short-comings, and where you don't measure up to society's standards.  After all, you can't to amazingly great things for God when you're focused on misery.

But God sees all your beauty!  And in Him, you'll find happiness and joy beyond measure!  You'll find peace and security and hope!  He loves you and wants you to fulfill your dreams!  He wants you to be confident and secure in Him!

If you ever find yourself in a situation like this, hand it over to God.  Ask Him to help you see yourself the way He sees you.  Ask Him to help you focus on what's real.  Ask Him to help you focus on your dreams.  Ask Him to help you know how to pray for the individual who attacked you with these hateful words. 

Sometimes I ask God to show them the power in their words and convict them for the things they said.  I also ask God to heal their heart of the unhappiness, jealousy, hurt, or any other struggle their trying to mask with their harsh words.  I've noticed that praying for those who've hurt or attacked me is a very healing act.  It can change my outlook and attitude about that person or situation... or life in general. 

Remember how much you're loved!  Remember how beautiful you are!  Remember that God can and will get you through this!  Remember that everyone struggles and reacts differently.  You may be that one glimmer of hope in someones life with your story of overcoming this attack!


  1. I love this Chrissy :), Thank you.

    Xo Beccah

    1. I'm SO glad!! You're very welcome!!

      Big hugs, girl!!!!