Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Almost Back

Hey lovelies!  I'm so sorry I've been M.I.A. these past few days, but this sickness really hit me hard.  I avoided electronics at all costs and needed every ounce of rest I could get.  I feel a little closer to normal today but still feel super weak and strange.

Originally, I felt I had bronchitis but the doctor thought it was the flu and prescribed me medications to treat it.  To confirm you have the flu they have to stick this long, thin, "scrub brush-looking thing" up each nostril (extremely uncomfortable) and send it off to the lab to perform a culture.  Two days later they can confirm if you have the flu or not.  In the meantime, they assume you do.  As it turns out, I did not have the flu but bronchitis, kids. 

And I got my poor husband sick, too.  So we were super miserable together for days.  At least we were together!  I just wish I was back to normal.  Not only is it difficult to breathe without coughing, it's also the full-blown, unofficial beginning of spring outside with lots of pollen, mold, and eighty mile-per-hour winds.  Great for the lungs.

So tomorrow I'm going to attempt going back to work and hope to perform to the best of my ability.  Oh, and do I have a great Wednesday Wow Factor for y'all... I cannot WAIT to share it!

Until then...

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