Friday, March 30, 2012

Being Okay With Being Who You Are

Today I read a post on Facebook that broke my heart.  Some insecure, hateful, jealous person called my beautiful friend "fat".  I realize they did it to make themselves feel better and to mask their own securities.  Regardless of the reason, it was absolutely uncalled for.  
It broke my heart because I've been in her shoes... more than once.  I know how it feels when those words cut into your heart like a knife.  I understand how it crushes your spirit.  I get how fast it consumes your thoughts and makes you feel less than acceptable in our world.
Attacks like this are lies straight from the devil.  He doesn't want you to like yourself.  He doesn't want you to be happy.  In fact, he wants you to be miserable, focused on your insecurities, short-comings, and where you don't measure up to society's standards.  After all, you can't to amazingly great things for God when you're focused on misery.

But God sees all your beauty!  And in Him, you'll find happiness and joy beyond measure!  You'll find peace and security and hope!  He loves you and wants you to fulfill your dreams!  He wants you to be confident and secure in Him!

If you ever find yourself in a situation like this, hand it over to God.  Ask Him to help you see yourself the way He sees you.  Ask Him to help you focus on what's real.  Ask Him to help you focus on your dreams.  Ask Him to help you know how to pray for the individual who attacked you with these hateful words. 

Sometimes I ask God to show them the power in their words and convict them for the things they said.  I also ask God to heal their heart of the unhappiness, jealousy, hurt, or any other struggle their trying to mask with their harsh words.  I've noticed that praying for those who've hurt or attacked me is a very healing act.  It can change my outlook and attitude about that person or situation... or life in general. 

Remember how much you're loved!  Remember how beautiful you are!  Remember that God can and will get you through this!  Remember that everyone struggles and reacts differently.  You may be that one glimmer of hope in someones life with your story of overcoming this attack!

Thursday, March 29, 2012

It's a Good Day

Today was good!  Yes, I went to work.  Yes I had actual work to do and meetings to attend.  But after a few down days, it just felt good to feel good again! 

I had a fun lunch with with my husband that rejuvenated my soul!
I laughed with my co-workers!
I reflected on how many obstacles we overcame in our last project sprint!
I appreciated my team members and recognized how they make my job better!
I read some uplifting e-mails!
I thanked God for blessings and gifts and struggles and challenges!
I listened to uplifting music!
I enjoyed how amazing the weather felt!
I rolled the windows down, cranked the radio, and sang my lungs out so people could hear!
I "braked" for a Canada goose who made it through another hunting season!
I let things roll off my shoulders and didn't let the usual stress get to me!
I had fun and made others have fun with me!
I praised God with my voice and made a joyful noise (with the exception of one song)!
I helped my mom pick out an 80's outfit for a theme party!
I cranked my radio again on the way home and partied, by myself, dancing like crazy (as best you can behind the wheel), and singing at the top of my lungs for 35 minutes!

And now, I just feel happy... and ready for rest.  J

Have fun!  Appreciate the good in life and really cherish everything about your existence.  And don't rely on anyone else to make you happy.  Instead...

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Wednesday Wow Factor!

Week 13
Start date
: 12/28/11
Initial weight:
Current weight:
This week's loss
: Gained 1 pound
Total weight loss:
20 pounds

Last week's dream focus
: Work out 2 times - keeping track of any bonus workouts, stay under caloric budget for the week, make healthier choices in the foods I'm eating, and purchase a really good (and tasty) protein shake that I'll crave!

What went well:  I worked out twice last week, meeting my goal.  I was 900 calories under budget and I gave myself pep talks to get me through challenging moments.  I haven't let these challenges and falls get the best of me.  I haven't quit!  (Thank you for holding me accountable!)   Also, I researched protein shakes but darn, the good ones are pricey.  I haven't purchased one yet but I plan to soon.

Challenges: I've experienced surges of anger several times this past week.  Several stressful scenarios were placed before me and I haven't handled some of them well when it came to eating.  I did fine in some situations, but felt ravenous with others, finding myself eating fast and furious... and left with some "how could I let this happen" moments.  

Even though I blogged about how not every workout has to be a high-impact, fat-burning massacre, I still haven't used those 15-20 minute opportunities to focus on toning.  And, I've been skipping a lot of meals in the last two weeks, attributing to my anger and bad-girl eating behavior. 

This week's dream focus: STOP SKIPPING MEALS!  Start eating the way I did in the first six weeks of my weight loss journey, find better ways of dealing with my frustration... hmm, like maybe working out?  Work out 2 times - keeping track of any bonus workouts, stay under caloric budget for the week, and stay positive!


Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Though I Fall, I Will Rise Again

Why do we have to learn some things the hard way? 

When the lesson's learned and I don't keep repeating the same mistakes over and over, I don't mind it as much.  It's the repetition of those mistakes that frustrates me! 

My current repetition: waiting too long to eat.  
The negative effects (it's about to get ugly, folks):  a headache, grumpiness, short-tempered, angry, stressed, consumed with wanting something to eat, ravenous, inhaling food when I can finally get to it, and craving sweets

I can't believe I actually admitted that to the world.  But it's real.  It's what I go through.  It's part of my journey.  It's what I have to work on and improve.

This is something I can totally change with little effort.  And this change will make a big difference in my success!  Starting today I will focus to improve this challenge!

* I can be sure to have snacks in my purse with me incase I'm in a crunch! 
* I can keep healthy food options in my house and drawer at work!
* I can remind myself what will happen if I allow myself to go into "starvation" mode (aka: Incredible Hulk-style Chrissy)!
* I can focus on my dream and how important it is to me, inspiring myself to make the right decision to move me in that direction faster!

Don't underestimate the impact of these small changes. 

And don't worry if you fall... you can always rise again!

Monday, March 26, 2012

Forget the Risk...

Do you ever feel like there's a risk in trying to lose weight and maintain it?  I mean there's the risk that you might do well for a while, then mess up and choose to quit altogether, then gain more weight than when you started. 


I've been there, too. 

But what if this time's different?  What if you find out that your dream is so important you really make it happen?  What if you find that spark you never found when you tried in the past and it sets off a fire inside you?  What if you're in the right place in your life for this change to take place?  What if there are people in your life who will really support, uplift, and encourage you?

You fail when you don't try.  And when you do try and you take some falls, I promise you... getting back up is worth it.

What other risks are holding you back? 

What do you see when you envision your dream?

Isn't that what you want...

Sunday, March 25, 2012

This Is Your Genesis

Forget the former you.  Today, you're a different person.  And you have the ability to make any choice you want in any circumstance.  So what will you choose?

* Will you choose to do what you know is best for your life... or will you choose to do what you desire at the moment?

* Will you choose to be positive and be optimistic, lifting others up... or will you complain and mope around in misery, bringing others down with you?

* Will you be an example of how God can help us through difficult circumstances... or will you be an example of what not to do?

* Will you look back at your life and be proud of what you've overcome and the person you are now... or will you look back and feel disheartened by the time you've wasted doing what felt good at the time?

Every little decision we're faced with is crucial to our success.  Each time we make the right choice, we're getting closer to our dream!  And one day before you realize it, you'll be the person you've been dreaming of for so long.  Can you imagine how it's going to feel when people recognize the difference in you, not just physically, but mentally and spiritually, too?   I cannot WAIT for us to get there! 

It's so much like this uplifting song...

Say Goodbye (click to hear the song)
Joy Williams

I saw you today
My familiar stranger
Everything's changed
You have come so far
You're different now
Would you go back, would you want to anyhow
Say goodbye, say goodbye
To the you I knew before
Say hello, say hello to a new beginning
Say goodbye, say goodbye
To the you I knew before
This is your genesis
Face to face
The present and past collide
And it's no mistake
I see the future in your eyes
You seem so free
Like nothing's ever gonna keep you down
You're different now
You're different somehow
You’re different now
Say goodbye, say goodbye

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Never Be Afraid to Fall Apart

This is so great, right?  I wish I'd taken this view all along!  It actually makes me feel less afraid to mess up and fall apart (a fear I frequently battle). 

I never realized how hard I try to be "perfect" at certain things.  Especially when it comes to weight loss.  But "perfect" is just unrealistic so I'm working hard to change this expectation in my life. 

For instance, I really feel stressed when I go over my caloric budget, even if it's by 100 calories.  And, like I mentioned in my last post, I've taken the view that a work out that doesn't involve over 30 minutes of aerobics isn't worth the time.  (So not true, by the way!)  When I'm faced with a serious craving for a certain kind of food I battle hard to slow down, really enjoy the food, and stop when I'm truly full.  Sometimes I don't slow down, enjoy my food, and stop when I'm full (Mexican food).  When the dinner is over, I feel like I failed because I didn't do it perfectly.

But every one of these situations is teaching me.  It's shaping me.  It's preparing me for the future... for my dream.  I'm learning how to take everything in stride.  I'm learning how to get back up when I fall down.  I'm getting stronger and I'm learning how to say no when I should.  And most of all, I'm strengthening my mind muscles because some of the biggest battles we face are on our heads.

All these little changes take time but they add up to BIG success!  I'm excited to see the end result, but I'm also learning to enjoy the journey... both the ups AND the downs.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Today I Will

Each and every day it's necessary to say these words.  They may need to be repeated several times before you really feel it, but they're really important.  And you can customize them with what speaks to you.  So if I altered this, I'd change the word "goal" to "dream" and I'd add "Today, I'll thank God for the blessings He pours on my life!" 

It feels good to say these words out loud.  It makes them real.  It helps them stick.

Today I realized I have a hard time convincing myself to do a workout if it's not 40-60 minutes of high-impact aerobics.  So even though I've blogged about how 10 or 20 minutes of exercise is better than doing no exercise at all, I seem to only work out doing dance aerobics because it burns a good amount of calories.  If I don't have an hour to devote to an aerobic workout, I don't do one at all. 

When I sit here and think about the amount of burned calories I've missed out on by making this decision, it saddens me.  Then I realize if I work out 20 minutes a day verses not at all, it can really add up! 

But it's not always about burning calories.  It's also about toning muscles!  There are several areas of my body I'm uncomfortable with and doing an hour of dance aerobics may not necessarily focus on toning those particular areas.  Those 20 minute workouts focused on squats and lunges and lifting weights will really pay off when my dream becomes a reality, so I need to remember this on the days I have only 20 minutes verses an hour to exercise!

It takes many small changes to keep us moving in the direction of our dreams.  It doesn't happen overnight and every smart decision makes a difference.  These changes lead to a lifestyle change... it's permanent if you allow it to be!  And most importantly, we have to remember that we're going to mess up.  We might even mess up daily.  But it does NOT mean you've ruined everything and should just give up!

* We aren't perfect
* We shouldn't put that kind of pressure on ourselves
* We'll make mistakes
* We can rise out of the ashes
* When we do, we become even more beautiful and refined
* We can make our dreams come true
* We just need to focus on the positive and shrug off the negative
* We need to remember how blessed we are
* We need to believe...

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Wednesday Wow Factor!

Week 12
Start date: 12/28/11
Initial weight:
Current weight:
This week's loss
: 2 pounds

Total weight loss: 21 pounds

Last week's dream focus: Work out 2 times - keeping track of any bonus workouts, stay under caloric budget for the week, make healthier choices in the foods I'm eating, and continue fighting those feelings of defeat, insecurity, and self-negativity.
What went well:  I worked out three times last week, exceeding my dream focus!  LaShan and I tried the lunchtime Zumba class.  It was a fun workout that kicked our butts, but two hours away from work was a lot of time and just won't work going forward.  I might have to come up with an alternative plan.  Also, I was under my weekly caloric budget again!
Challenges: There have been a couple of extremely tempting desserts in the kitchen from a birthday celebration.  One is Mississippi mud cake and the other are amazing Mounds brownies.  They have been super difficult to resist.  I haven't pigged out on them but I've been eating small bites several times a day.  Eating one or two small portions every now and then won't ruin everything, but several small portions a day definitely won't move me closer to my dream at the rate of speed I'd like.
This week's dream focus: Work out 2 times - keeping track of any bonus workouts, stay under caloric budget for the week, make healthier choices in the foods I'm eating, and purchase a really good (and tasty) protein shake that I'll crave!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012


Who knew CTRL+ALT+DEL was so simple?  These basics sum it up.  But it's figuring out how we can make these happen.

CTRL your hunger and portions - don't let yourself get to "starvation mode".  Keep granola bars or other simple, healthy, low calorie snacks in your purse or close by for hunger emergencies.  Eat smaller meals more often.  You can still eat what you want so you aren't depriving yourself, just slow down and enjoy every bite and feel thankful for the blessing of that food!

ALT your lifestyle and choices - Focus on your dreams!  Define advantages you envision of losing weight and read them daily!  Find close friends who can hold you accountable!  Share your journey with others in some way!  Don't feel deprived.  Instead, focus on the positive things about your journey and how your life will change for the better once your dream has come true!

DEL bad food and vibes - When possible, avoid foods that aide in delaying your dream from being a reality.  Don't deprive yourself of foods, but begin making better decisions about what you consume!  Quit being negative... about and to yourself and to others!  Stop focusing on the negative things and only focus on positive things about your journey!  Avoid people who intentionally or inadvertently keep you from reaching your dream!

It's that simple!  Focus on the right things.  Keep your mind in control.  Let go and enjoy your journey!

Monday, March 19, 2012

Do Work, Son.

Ahhh... hard work.  It's a beautiful, wonderful thing.  It really does pay off when you put in the effort! 

Now, how do we get ourselves to make the effort?

I'm finding the best way to motivate myself is to constantly focus on the positive results that will come as a result of the hard work.  Results like:
~ My clothes will become too big to wear and I'll be forced to buy new clothes in smaller sizes
~ I'll be able to wear dresses with cute boots
~ I'll feel slightly more comfortable in a swim suit
~ No more muffin top!
~ My body will hurt less
~ I'll be happier when I look in the mirror
~ My outside will match the way I feel inside
~ I will no longer be forced to buy plus sized clothes
~ My clothing store options will increase greatly
~ I won't feel winded doing simple tasks
~ I'll have terrific before and after pictures to help inspire others and myself

Sometimes changing our perspective from positive to negative changes everything about our world.  It helps us dig deep inside ourselves to find what really drives and motivate us.  It gives us the courage to step away from what's comfortable and do something different.  It helps us become a better version of ourselves. 

Best of all, it gets us one step closer to our dreams. 

Focus.  Believe.  Try.  Don't give up.  Try again.  Empower yourself.  Have faith. 

...and dream.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Live Your Dreams, Not Your Fears!

I've struggled in the past with allowing fear to hold me back.  Fear of failure, fear of looking stupid, fear of rejection, fear of making mistakes, fear of someone not liking me, and many other kinds of fear. 

In the past when it came to weight loss, I would give up before I ever started.  I feared how difficult it would be to resist the temptation to eat when I shouldn't.  I feared it would be too hard to stop eating when I've had a sensible amount of food.  I feared I wouldn't be able to control myself at a restaurant or family gathering.  I feared I wouldn't be able to eat yummy foods and maintain a healthy weight. I feared exercise would be too inconvenient and uncomfortable.  I feared it would cost too much.  I feared that my body would change in a negative way after a significant weight loss.  I feared I would start losing weight, make a little progress, then lose control and blow the whole thing... and then gain more weight than when I started (like many times before). 

Whew.  That's a lot of fears.  And I'm sure I had more that didn't come to mind. 

How sad it is to think about how many of us live our lives this way... listening to our fears and allowing them to hold us back from making our dreams come true.  I think of all the times I've tried to lose weight and maintain but haven't succeeded.  I think about what I could weigh now had I not given into those fears and the doubt that I was good enough.  The truth is, I had to go through all of that for many reasons... some that I'm not even aware of.  Those choices have brought me to this place and I'm blessed to have gone through it! 

I have a personal story to share with others that just might help them believe they can really make this change, too!  We are so blessed.  God is so good to us.  He can take away those fears and help us focus on today.  In our worship time at church this morning God open my eyes to a different perspective.  Focus on today, not tomorrow.  The future is important; your dreams are of the future and may one day become the present, but enjoying the present is important, too.  We may not be able to control what happens in our future, so why live in fear? 

Jeremiah 29:11 says "For I know the plans I have for you," declares the Lord.  "Plans to prosper you and not harm you, plans to give you hope and a future."  God said this to us... so why are we worrying?

Let's focus on today and the choices we can make that will move us in the direction of our dreams!

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Life's a Battle

The battle to control our thoughts can be a really difficult one.  It might actually be the most challenging battle we face in our weight loss journey.  But it's a battle we can absolutely win!

We see a food commercial and the attack begins.  Our mouth begins to water, we envision how the food would taste, and we imagine how it would smell.  We even consider making a trip to indulge.  Sometimes we feel too lazy to get out so we begin to compromise and think of alternative meal options at home.  The next thing we know we're mindlessly shoveling food into our mouths.


How did we get here?  Were we even hungry to begin with?  How did we find ourselves in this situation... again? 

Now the guilt sets in.  Our bellies are full and we feel terrible for what we've done.  We become aware of how tight our pants feel and begin thinking negative thoughts about ourselves.  It's a vicious cycle.  And this is just one of a thousand battles we find ourselves faced with. 

So how do we win these battles?  How do we become strong enough to resist the temptation to do the things we know will keep us from reaching our dreams? 

First, we focus on our dream and how important it is to us.  Then, we list every advantage we can think of for losing weight and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.  Next, we envision how our lives will look when we've achieved that dream and it's finally a reality.  And we embrace that picture... we hold it very close to our heart.  When we focus on it every day and allow it to fuel us, we begin to refuse to let ANYTHING stand in our way of reaching that dream.  No one, no temptation, no old habit, no trigger will stand in our way.  

This is our dream. 
It will change our lives forever. 
We'll go places we've never been.
We'll help people we didn't expect to help. 
We'll find our authentic self in the process and we won't look back.

Don't forget, this is an every minute of every day battle.  But this battle is absolutely worth fighting, because... you are amazing!  You are beautiful!  You are loved!  You are special!  Your dream is important!  You deserve to be happy and see it come true! 

But most of all, you deserve to fight for yourself. 

You can do this!  I believe in us!

Your Worth

This says SO much about our perspective!

When we exercise, are we focusing on being 'skinny' or fit?  Truthfully, I just don't want to be skinny.  It's for some people, but it's not for me.  I desire to be healthy and fit.  I'm not looking for a six pack or to enter any body building competition.  But I'd definitely love to tone my arms, legs, butt, and stomach.  And you know what?  It's totally attainable!  I can do this!

These days when I eat, I'm making healthier choices.  I can still have anything I want... nothing is off limits.  There's just something about it that frees me.  I feel less ravenous than I used to.  I don't crave the things I used to crave.  When I do have cravings, they aren't as strong.  But don't get me wrong, I certainly do have off days.  I accepted from the beginning that I would have days where I didn't make the best decisions... and it was okay.  Those days didn't have to ruin everything.  I think back to all the days I struggled and was tempted to give in... and didn't.  I see where I am today and the progress I've made and I'm encouraged to keep going forward!  I know I've been so successful because I have talked myself through those difficult times and I never let myself get defeated and throw in the towel all together when I made a mistake.  I learned from it and I'm still growing, and still averaging a loss of 2 pounds a week!

So in your journey when you're dealing with those old habits that are hard to break (but can be broken), when you're faced with negative thoughts you have about yourself, when you face temptations and triggers from your past, envision where you want to be.  See yourself and your life __ pounds lighter and happier.  Imagine how it will feel when your dream has come true!  Let those images propel you to overcome. 

You are worth more than you realize... and so is your dream!

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Wednesday Wow Factor!

Week 11
Start date: 12/28/11
Initial weight:
Current weight:
This week's loss
: Gained 1 pound
Last week's dream focus: Stop making excuses for not working out, work out 4 times between now and next week, stay under caloric budget for the week, and work HARD to overcome feelings of defeat, insecurity, and self-negativity. 
What went well:  I broke my 3 week workout lag and I didn't let the fact that we couldn't do our lunchtime Zumba class keep me from working out!  I gave myself more compliments - fighting insecurity, and I didn't completely blow my caloric intake.
Challenges: I felt ravenous when it came to eating this past week.  Some days went really well and others were awful.  It may have been a result of the steroids I took to fight the bronchitis, but it was almost like I was making up for all the food I didn't get to eat when I was sick, yet I was just under 103 calories for the week.  This, and only working out once (last night), attributed to my gain.  I did have dadgum Jose Pepper's (my kryptonite) and left stuffed, and ate some sweets and ice cream I should have resisted.  
BUT, today's a new day and I'm looking forward now!  AND this is the first and only time in 11 weeks that I've actually gained weight... and it was only a pound... so I'm celebrating!
This week's dream focus: Work out 2 times - keeping track of any bonus workouts, stay under caloric budget for the week, make healthier choices in the foods I'm eating, and continue fighting those feelings of defeat, insecurity, and self-negativity.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Workout Let Down

Last night I found it difficult to go to sleep... I was way excited about the new lunch-time Zumba class!  Today, about an hour before we were going to leave, I happened to look at the gym's website.  I noticed that it suggested making an appointment if you're interested in touring and joining.  When I called, I mentioned that my friend and I were interested in attending the noon Zumba class.  The girl regretfully informed me that she wouldn't have anyone available to let us in for the class today but could arrange it for Thursday. 

The scoop is that this gym has three locations, but the main location has a rep who gives tours and sets up memberships and all that fun stuff.  To visit the other locations, you need to make an appointment to ensure someone is available to meet you.  All the locations have a super secure entry system.  Each member has a 5 digit passcode and you stick your hand in a scanner to verify it's really you.  Members can use the gym whether an employee is there or not.  Long story, but that's what's up.  So, they didn't have enough time to prepare and accommodate us.  No biggie... but man I was disappointed and really let down.

I felt some underlying rage the rest of the work day!  I was just so frustrated because I needed that release.  But, there was one thing I could control: my actions the rest of the day.  The weather was an amazing 80 degrees and the last place I wanted to be was in my dark, dingy basement working out.  But, I did it.  I ended my three week lag today without the lunch-time Zumba class!  I went to the basement and did my own Zumba. 

I wasn't lazy. 

I didn't make excuses. 

I didn't find other things to do. 

I just worked out.  AND I FELT GOOD!

Then I made dinner.

Then I cleaned house.

And I did laundry.

I feel accomplished and pretty darn awesome.  YAY TRIUMPH AND VICTORY!!!

Monday, March 12, 2012

Second Wind

I'm so excited!  Tomorrow a friend and I are going to our first lunch-time Zumba class!  I am REALLY ready to break this three week fitness lag and have some fun.  I can't wait to move and smile and laugh and feel the adrenaline!  It's so much better doing Zumba in a group setting than alone in a dark basement (granted, our dog Dixie stays down there with me every now and then). 

Today, the weather was the most amazing temperature I've felt this year!  It wasn't too hot or cool, it was truly perfect.  I just wanted to be active and do creative yard work and outside decorating!  Instead, I ended up making dinner, emptying the dishwasher, making cookies, and cleaning.  At least I kept busy rather than being lazy!  I just feel a second wind today... and I really needed that.

Anyway, I'm so excited for tomorrow and I can't wait to share with you how it went!  I truly hope you have a great day and find the beauty in all you do...

Sunday, March 11, 2012

All I Need

This is all I need...
 when it's tough.
 when I'm weak.
 when I don't want to fight.
 when I have a lot of burdens.
 when I'm shedding tears.
 when fear tries to keep me from my dreams.
 when I'm feeling insecure.
 when I find it difficult to trust.
 when I need to work out.
 when I'm feeling lazy.
 when I want to overeat.
 when I don't feel good enough.
 when I breathe.

Don't give up!  Keep going... and know God will use everything for good!

Saturday, March 10, 2012


I have a confession to make.  While I've been doing well with my food intake, I've slipped up on my commitment to fitness.  I haven't worked out once since our trip to Shreveport... which was three weeks ago.  This past week I've been so sick with bronchial junk that it's been difficult to do normal things, let alone aerobic exercise.  However, I could convince myself that we've been so busy that I just haven't had time.  The truth is, I need to make time to work out and stop making excuses.

After a recent post, my sister-in-law suggested that I try committing to just one workout a week for a while, rather than the 4 to 5 I've been striving for.  She said setting my number of workouts to more than one or two in the beginning may set me up for failure.  Until exercise is a habit, it's going to be a conscious, and sometimes difficult, effort.  I'll need something to celebrate every week until I'm ingrained with this new habit.  This strategy worked for her and she's now committed to 4 workouts a week, with additional bonus workouts here and there!  She also keeps track of her bonus workouts and each time she reaches 10, she gets a reward!

I think giving myself permission to commit to one workout per week and keep track of my bonus workouts might make it easier for me to celebrate my exercise success.  I really do want to set myself up to succeed!

Now you know I slipped up.  But I didn't fail.  I didn't quit altogether.  And I didn't ruin everything.  I was honest with myself and with you.. and now I can move forward!

So I think I'll mix things up a little with these one-song workouts.  And, my friend and I plan to start attending a lunch-time Zumba class this week!  This might make it easier for me to get fitness in with less excuses.  Again, we don't always have to put in a full hour of aerobic exercise.  Even 10 or 20 minutes of moving is better than sitting still, doing nothing.  We just need to get up and MOVE!  Remember, we're in this together... these changes aren't always easy but we CAN get through them! 

Friday, March 9, 2012

Live Without Regret

Wow.  Amazing words.  Imagine if we did each one of these at least once a day... 

How might our lives change?

What would that look like?

How would it inspire us to see things differently?

How would it inspire others?

How would it affect our relationships?

Would we be more engaged in life?

Would we have more courage?

Would we be willing to step out of our comfort zone?

Would we try things we've never tried?

Would we dream bigger?

We can do this.  I believe in us.  I need you to believe in us, too.  Let's put our faith in God and see where He leads.  This journey is precious and fleeting... live without regret!