Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Wednesday Wow Factor!

Last week's Wednesday Wow Factor was all about keeping my chin up.  I faced challenges, obstacles, temptations, and tests.  The number on the scale was getting me down, but I didn't lose hope and I didn't give up.  I kept working hard.  In fact, I pushed myself to work harder.  I closed my eyes, envisioned my dream, and pushed it (p-pushed it real good).  

You know what?  IT PAID OFF!!!  Check it...

Start date: 12/28/11
Initial weight:
Current weight:
This week's loss: 3 pounds

Last week's goals: Blog daily, make good choices, eat small portions, avoid skipping meals, EXERCISE - doing cardio 3 to 4 times in the next week, and DO NOT let myself feel defeated if the scale doesn't show me what I want to see!

What went well: I met all my goals again!  I constantly focused on my dream and it's helped me find the strength to push myself.  I worked out five times since last Wednesday and bought three new workout DVD's to mix things up!  The scale is proof there's serious power in moving! 

Writing pep talk letters to myself (posted on my blog) has really helped me change my outlook.  Oh, and maybe I should mention the scale showed 206 this morning!  Reminder: even though I don't base my success on the number on the scale, I still want to celebrate when it goes down and I make progress!

Today is my six week anniversary of my weight loss journey!  In those six weeks:
  • I've lose 12 pounds!  That's an average of 2 pounds per week!
  • I've lost a dress size!  My size 20 pants no longer fit.  At all!  The 18's are loose... almost too big!
  • Because of your engagement and support, I've had over 2,060 visits to my blog!  That's an average of 48 per day!  I'm really blown away by that.  From the bottom of my heart, thank you!
  • The most uplifting and motivating aspect is the feedback and support I've felt from you, both directly and indirectly.  I am really humbled, blessed and grateful that you care enough to spend your time sharing your thoughts and feelings with me.  From the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU AGAIN!!!  :)

Challenges: I struggled with insecurity and self-consciousness, but it wasn't as intense (most days).  I continue to fight it and I'll do whatever it takes shut that negativity out.   I also found it difficult to keep from overeating a few times.  I really had to slow down, focus on my dream, and think about how I would feel if I ate too much.  I ready my advantages to losing weight and it really helped.

This week's goals: Continue blogging, work out 4 to 6 times between now and next week, eat small portions, avoid skipping meals, continue fighting the feelings of defeat, insecurity, and self-negativity.

Total lost so far: 12 pounds!


  1. WAAAA HOOOOO! Doin the happy dance at the other Kirkman household!!!!!
    AMAZING weight loss for you and your persistence is definitely paying off!!!!!
    Keep up the strong work! I know you are inspiring me to stay with it and make progress every day.
    Love always,
    Again, you ROCK IT SISTA!!!!!!

  2. THANK YOU!!!!! It's really exciting!! I'm glad it's helping to inspire you... I can't wait to see where we go from here!!! :)

  3. Chrissy... keep up the good work! When I found out about your blog through facebook, I recommended it to my sister, you are a total encouragement to her (thanks)! You also deserve a congratulations on meeting your goal of losing 10lbs by 3/1, WAY TO GO GIRL! Keep working through the challenges. Anytime you want a work out partner or someone to send you a new recipe let me know, I'd love to help in whatever way I can.

    Melissa Wilson-Ryan

  4. Melissa, that is AWESOME!!!! I'm so excited to hear it's encouraging Cassie! I'd love for her and I and a bunch of other girls to just shred some pounds and be the best versions of ourselves... then ROCK THIS WORLD!!!

    And wow... I didn't even realize I exceeded my goal of 10 pounds by March 1!!!!! YOU MADE MY NIGHT! I've lost 12 pounds with three weeks until 3/1! Now THAT is exciting!

    I'd love to learn about new recipes and workouts from you!! I'm not east of the metro anymore, so working out would be a challenge... but I'm always up for tips!!

    Thank you so much for commenting and putting a smile on my face!