Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Wednesday Wow Factor!

No matter what, you can never give up.  Life is faced with challenges, obstacles, temptations, and tests.  The more you overcome them now, the easier it will be in the future (and will take less effort)!  Again, when the number on the scale isn't what you hoped for or expected, DON'T LOSE HOPE.  DO NOT GIVE UP!   You're amazing and you're working hard.  You'll reach plateaus and you'll drop pounds. But it won't happen overnight.  Just hold on and remember... it's your dream!  And you're worth every second of effort!

And, with that, I give you my Wednesday Wow Factor!!!

Start date: 12/28/11
Initial weight:
Current weight:
This week's loss: 0...?

Last week's goals: Blog daily, make good choices and eat small portions, log food intake, EXERCISE - doing cardio 3 to 4 times in the next week and move every day - doing some kind, any kind of movement because it's better than sitting still.  And stop skipping meals... eat small portions more often and eat something small when I feel those hunger pangs.  I will commit to implementing the tools I've learned to keep calories from turning into fat.

What went well: I met all my goals, even while fighting another round of sickness!  Focusing on my dream really helps me to keep the feeling of defeat from consuming me.  I can't believe the difference!  It really fuels my drive to make the right choices!

Challenges: I struggled again with insecurity and self-consciousness, but not as overwhelming as last week!  I'm fighting to keep myself from feeling defeated by the fact that the stupid scale number hasn't gone down at all.  I'm beginning to wonder if the scale was off the week I "lost" like 3 pounds.  I never occurs to me to be sure the scale is set properly until the number isn't moving the right way... or at all!  Regardless, I'm NOT dwelling on that number.  Instead, I'm dwelling on how great I feel and how proud I am of where I'm going!

This week's goals: Blog daily, make good choices, eat small portions, avoid skipping meals, EXERCISE - doing cardio 3 to 4 times in the next week, and DO NOT let myself feel defeated if the scale doesn't show me what I want to see!

Total lost so far: Still 8 pounds (I think)!?!?



  1. I am pretty sure you will reach whatever goal you set for yourself. Your attitude shows it!

  2. Awwww Missy, THANK YOU!!!! That's so uplifting!!!!