Sunday, February 12, 2012

Strong Enough

Sometimes we're weak. 
Sometimes we're strong. 
Sometimes we need to continue working to figure out how to overcome certain temptations.

Mexican food, especially Jose Pepper's, (I know... we've talked about this two times before) is my biggest temptation and weakness for sure.  I did rather well during the previous three visits, but today, I felt pretty disappointed in myself.  I was hungry, the chips and salsa were endless, and the food took extra long to make because they were busy.  I didn't go completely wild like I could have, but I certainly felt much more full than I wanted to.  That meal has lasted me the remainder of the day, both in calories and in stomach capacity.

It's times like these you can feel really down on yourself.  You're faced with the challenge of not replaying your choices back in your head, stressing over what you did wrong, beating yourself up for not slowing down or not drinking two glasses of water before eating, or a number of other "failures". 

But you know what?  These aren't "failures".  They're just mistakes.  They're bad decisions you made during a small part of your day.  So what?  You didn't ruin everything.  That meal is over.  It's now a new moment and a new beginning! 

The song Strong Enough by Matthew West really helps me through situations like this.  It's just a fact, sometimes we aren't strong enough.  We need to let God have control and help us when we're weak.  That was my problem today.  I didn't ask God to help me pace myself and think about every bite of food I put into my mouth.  I didn't ask Him to slow me down, focus on the conversation with my husband, and say no to a refill of chips.

I'm using today's events as another lesson; to help me remember to turn to God during tempting situations.  I've done it before, and it does work!  He will definitely help... all we need to do is ask!

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