Saturday, February 18, 2012

Southern Favorites

So when we're in Louisiana there are certain things we must enjoy.  Whataburger is one of them!  For lunch I had a Junior Whataburger, medium fries, and a big water.  It was so tasty!  I ate slow and enjoyed every bite... and I was really full when it was all said and done!

We stopped by Tubb's Hardware (a Mardi Gras headquarters) and picked up some garb for the family-friendly (not French Quarter-style) parade on Sunday (pictures to come in tomorrow's post)!  We spent the afternoon watching our nephew play an awesome game of lacrosse (his team won 14-4).  It was a blast! 

Several hours later we took a twenty minute drive to Minden to eat at our favorite place, Crawfish Hole #2.  It's AMAZING!  It's well worth the one hour wait.  There were nine people in our party and we ordered twenty-five pounds of crawfish.  I know it sounds like a ton but it's really not as much as you think.  Once you see how small the meat is that comes from inside, you realize it's not so bad.  And the best thing about boiled crawfish is that you eat slowly, mainly because it's a process to get the tail meat out.  Pacing yourself isn't a challenge. 

I was only able to eat about three and a half pounds myself, which only equaled about 370 calories!  I enjoyed three small new potatoes,a corn cob, and five fried pickle slices as an appetizer.  Oh, and of course consumed gallons of water.  The total for that dinner was under 700 calories!  That's less than my Whataburger lunch (at about 750)!

It feels so good to enjoy the things you really want to eat without going overboard!  I never once felt deprived and I never ate more than I should have. 

Road trippin' isn't as difficult as I expected!

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