Friday, February 17, 2012

Road Trip!

The idea of taking a road trip when I'm doing so well was really scary for me.  It seemed the temptation of all the convenience store snacks, fast food, and restaurant dining would be more than I could handle.

But, so far so good! 

I haven't felt too tempted to overeat or eat things I shouldn't today!  My water consumption was less than a normal day (to avoid all the pit stops), but I'm trying to make up for it now that restrooms are convenient.  Once we arrived at our destination, there were snack items I enjoyed, in addition to fried catfish, sweet potato fries, and a small piece of Mardi Gras king cake.  The food was SO good and I enjoyed every bite!

We have three more days of eating crawfish and tasty southern food, but I'm not going to worry or get stressed.  I'm putting my trust in God and letting Him lead me and keep me strong this weekend.   Even if I go over my desired caloric intake once or twice, I won't worry.  I won't give up.  It's not the end!

I'll keep surfing this wave and the next because my dream is too important to give up on now!

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