Thursday, February 23, 2012

Peel and Heal

Is there someone from your past (or present) was like a vampire sucking all the hopes, dreams, confidence, and courage right out of you?  Did they crush your dreams?  Did they say passive-aggressive, negative things that have led you to give up on dreaming altogether? 

Why do we hold on to such negative experiences or comments for so long?  How are they so powerful that we allow them to change our will and desire to be the best versions of ourselves?  I don't think we realize how much those negative situations have impacted us until we start working hard to make a difference in our lives, to change our perspective and become who we really want to be.

When you focus on your dreams, or even think about dreaming again, it can bring up some really uncomfortable feelings you might not realize were there.  You might be like me and find it difficult to put a few dreams on your dream list out of fear or anger from past situations. 

The truth is we can't move forward in the direction of our dreams until we deal with the ugly, uncomfortable, yucky past we keep ignoring or running from.  We have to peel those layers, process how they make us feel and how they've held us back, and then let them go.  Just get them out of your body so they can no longer do damage to your future.  Please believe me when I say this; you deserve to have the life you dream about.  You deserve to find true happiness.

When we focus on the things we really want in life we find a hidden empowerment that somehow ignites the fire inside.  It energizes us, engages us, and it spreads to those around us.  It changes the way we look at adversity, challenges, opportunities, and barriers.  It changes our perspecitive from negative and pessimistic to positive and optimistic! 

If you truly want to bring your dreams into reality you'll find the strength to face those dark places from your past, process them, and let them go.  If you have no strength at all, turn to God.  He's always strong enough to carry you.  You'll probably cry and have a snotty nose, you might scream and kick.  But once it travels from inside your soul to the space you're in, then disinegrates into nothing, the healing can begin.  You're on your way to AMAZING places!  You can begin living the life you dream about!

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