Thursday, February 9, 2012

Meant To Be Great

Sixx A.M. is a band formed by Nikki Sixx of Motley Crue (an 80's metal band).  I'm not recommending these bands or their songs, but I need to share the lyrics to one in particular called 'Accidents Can Happen'.  Nikki wrote this song after recovering from very long battle with his addiction to heroin, other drugs, and alcohol. 

When I heard these lyrics, they really spoke to me. They're a great reminder for discouraging moments during my journey with weight loss and I wanted to share them with you!

  "Accidents Can Happen"
  Nikki Sixx - Sixx A.M.
  Don't give up, it takes a while
  I have seen this look before
  And it's alright
  You're not alone
  If you don't love this anymore

  I hear that you've slipped again
  I'm here 'cause I know you'll need a friend

  And you know that accidents can happen
  And it's okay
  We all fall off the wagon sometimes
  It's not your whole life
  It's only one day
  You haven't thrown everything away

  Take some time and learn to breathe
  And remember what it means
  To feel alive
  And to believe
  Something more than what you see

  I know there's a price for this
  But some things in life you must resist...

You really are meant to be great!  Close your eyes and tell yourself until you believe it.  Write it down, using your name... "____, you are meant to be great!"  Post it at work and on your fridge.  Make a reminder on your phone and set an alarm to go off three times a day (think of times you might need it most like first thing in the morning, mid-afternoon snooze time, and before dinner).  Ask a friend to remind you.  Ask ME to remind you.  Read this post over and over again... whatever you need to do to remember that YOU ARE MEANT TO BE GREAT!  And because you are meant to be great, you can do this.  You will overcome.  Believe it!

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