Sunday, February 26, 2012

Little Rock, Lacrosse, & Looking Ahead

This weekend we went to Little Rock, Arkansas for our nephew's lacrosse tournament (that's him in the white #6 jersey).  It was such a blast and I've found another sport that's super fun to watch!  It's a lot more physical than I would've guessed and reminds me of hockey.  The weather was terrific and it was great spending time with family!

Here's us after game two!  One thing you may or may not be able to see is how totally baggy my jeans are.  They're really big in the waist and ultra saggy in the backside!  YAY!  I bought this sweatshirt last weekend when we were in Shreveport and it was an XL (that's down a size)!  It's really exciting to notice your clothes fitting loose on a regular basis.

It's crazy that while I'm thrilled about my clothes getting too big, I'm wishing it was happening faster; wishing I was seeing and feeling more weight loss results.  How frustrating it is when your mind wants to focus on the negative aspects and short comings.  It's a constant battle.  As easy as it can be in some areas, it's just as difficult others. 

This is the very reason that focusing on your dream is of the utmost importance.  When you focus on the weight loss advantages YOU defined and envision how different you'll feel when you've reached your goal weight or size, it puts everything into perspective.  It helps you focus on what's positive, what's important, and what's necessary to make your dream come true.

I didn't blow it completely this week, but it was my worst week since I started on Wednesday, December 28.  I haven't worked out one time in a week and I was almost 500 calories over weekly budget.  It's the first time I've gone over since I began. 

Part of me wants to cry about it.  The other part of me wants to scream about it and hit something.  HARD.  But the majority of me wants to prove to myself that it won't get me down and my dream is more important than some bad decisions I made (eating more than I should, finding excuses to not exercise, etc.).  I want to prove that I CAN do this.  I want to see my before and after pictures and feel an overwhelming sense of accomplishment in how far I've come and the certainty that I never want to go there again.

So with that, I leave us with this:


  1. Oh, yeah!! I can totally see how baggy those jeans are and your face is SOOOOO much thinner! LOVE the glasses, by the way!!
    I read an interesting blog post on My Fitness Pal yesterday and it made me think of us. The writer eseentially was telling her story and how this journey to health and wellness has helped her become her own best "cheerleader" and how important it is to CHEER FOR OURSELVES!!
    We are so often told that it would be rude to speak well of yourself and to talk about what a great job you have done. We have taken this to heart, more than we could ever know.
    The hours we have spent scolding ourselves and telling ourselves what lazy, worthless, powereless and weak women we are b/c we ate an extra soope of ice cream or had extra sour cream on our tacos is totally assine when you put it down in writing!
    Makes me feel pretty "dumb" to know that I've spent, literally, YEARS of my life NOT cheering myself or complimenting myself for a job well done, especially in my battle against weight.
    We have depended soley on the kudos of others. We seek validation from others, and need others to keep "cheering" us on.
    NO MORE, sister!!!
    BE YOUR OWN CHEERLEADER and I say scream it from the top of the highest mountatain!!!!
    YOUR dreams are SO much more important than a silly graph with red bars going over the "mark". It is an important tool and part of the journey to your dreams, but, that little red graph bar will NOT prevent you from getting where you are going.
    I learned a very important lesson from the death of my dad and I am just now allowing myself to hold onto it. The best and most worthy parts/things in life are NOT EASY and they shouldn't be easy. If its worth having, its worth fighting for, every step of the way.
    Learn what you need to learn from the red graph bar (and get a little p.o'd and throw something if you want!) and cheer yourself on to a new start to a new day RIGHT NOW!!!
    You've got this one and I've got your back!
    LOVE YOU!!!!

  2. Kendra - I absolutely LOVE your comments!!!!!!!!! AND, hopefully you won't mind if I do my next post around this great advice! I don't know how many people read the comments and this is too good to miss out on! You're just so right - it's difficult to cheer ourselves on but we really should, especially with good things like achieving your dreams!

    Oh and thanks for the glasses compliment!!