Thursday, February 2, 2012

I Passed the Test!

Now THIS is some great advice!  And I'll tell ya, it works!  Wednesday evening I had some serious heart burn.  It was so annoying and uncomfortable.  And I'm not sure what caused it.  Anyway, the gentlemen of the house decided they wanted McDonald's for dinner.  It was really the last thing I wanted to deal with.  I didn't want the temptation, it didn't sound good, I knew it would just add to my already annoying heartburn, and it was past 7:00 PM.  All bad news.

The battle in my head played out exactly like the picture above.  But not just once... over and over again.  Probably 8 to 10 times between the decision to go there and the time we left.  I calculated my remaining calories for the day and determined I could have a cheeseburger and fries.  But I stopped to think about eating it and how I would feel afterwards... the additional heartburn... the full stomach when I went to bed... the disappointment from choosing to eat that unhealthy selection so late in the evening, and the absence of a workout. 

But in the drive-thru, the temptation sets in.  Seeing the pictures on the menu board, smelling the familiar aroma, knowing I have the caloric room to indulge, and remembering the freedom I have to eat anything I want sets me up for a difficult test.  I explained to the gents that I wasn't going to order anything.  For a moment, I wavered, thinking about changing my mind.  My husband started to order and I gave him the signal that I was "good", meaning thanks, but no thanks.  Inside, a part of me just wanted to ask him to order me two cheeseburgers and large fries. 

But I kept reminding myself about my dream... and all the advantages I listed of losing weight.  And slowly, my perspective began to change.  Even when the food was handed to us through the window, then passed to me to hold, I no longer felt it was unfair.  I felt happy with my decision!  I began to feel what a huge milestone this was for me!  I could have blown it and started over the next day, but I didn't!  I PASSED THE TEST!  It's just one of many to come, but I really feel they'll get easier the more I encounter them.

I share this story to remind you that even though you'll be faced with temptation, YOU CAN GET THROUGH IT!!  Focus on your dreams!  Focus on the advantages you defined!  Think about what will happen if you give in.  Ask yourself if that's what you really want.  When you admit it's not what you want, feel good about the decision you made, stay focused on your dream, enjoy your new outlook and the freedom you feel from no longer being a slave to food, and celebrate your victory! 

Believe in yourself... you can do this!

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