Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Hi, May I Help You?

Five words.  You say them in a certain way in Kansas City and most everyone knows what you're talking about.  Gates Bar-B-Q. 

Today's lunch for me was a ham sandwich on a bun with fries.  Sounds harmless, right?  Well, I didn't go overboard but it was definitely a loaded calorie lunch.  It was so tasty!

The best part was seeing the terror in my colleague's eyes as she had her rookie experience!  I don't belive there's anything like Gates in her home state of Minnesota.  And we were kind of to blame for not warning her about the Gates experience before we walked in.  She had no idea what to order, she had no idea why the pitch of the cashier's voice was so high and loud, she had no idea why she was being screamed at... she just really had no idea what she just walked into.

Here are my tips for going to Gates Bar-B-Q:
  1. Get online and view their menu if you're considering chosing Gates for your dining experience
  2. Decide what you want BEFORE walking in the door
  3. Ask a friend to scream "HI, MAY I HELP YOU?" as loud as they can over and over again and practice ordering your meal
  4. Do not go alone! Go with a group of people so you aren't the only one experiencing anxiety as you walk in
  5. As you're walking in the door expect to be asked how they can help you before you can even view the counter (at the 12th & Brooklyn location, anyway)
  6. Make one of your friends order first
  7. Be prepared to draw a blank
  8. Try not to cry when asked a fourth time how they can help you and you can't form the words
  9. After your complete meltdown, hand your friend the post-it note you wrote your order on and let them order for you
  10. Enjoy your tasty, Kansas City Bar-B-Q!
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