Sunday, February 5, 2012

Grace, Not Perfection

Today I started out well with a healthy parfait and coffee for breakfast.  Eating at Carrabba's Italian Grill for lunch was a challenge, though.  I consumed a lot of water before the meal, keeping me from binging.  I chose chicken soup (which was awesome, by the way) over a salad.  I ate two and a half thin slices of their bread with the delicious oil.  Then, I ate about 2/3 of my lasagna.  I was proud of how I ate, with the exception of continuing to eat the lasagna after I felt full.  By this point I was only at 1,225 calories for the day. 

Later I ate a Fiber One brownie and had six night crawler gummies a couple hours after that.  Still not bad.  Only another 150 calories.  I had another 536 calories available.  AND I planned on working out. 

So we get home and I find out the Super Bowl begins at 5:00... that was 15 minutes away.  So immediately, I decide that working out isn't going to happen.  Next, the boy asked if I would make "pigs in a blanket" for dinner (turkey hot dogs and cheese wrapped up in a crescent roll and baked).  I was still full from lunch and food didn't sound appetizing.  But, I'm a sucker and made it anyway!

Now, just because I make something doesn't mean I have to eat it.  But I did.  And I didn't eat just one, I ate four... with ketchup.  On a normal day of eating a 500 calorie lunch and 300-400 calories for breakfast, this wouldn't be a big deal.  But I didn't have the room to eat four of these.... or to make and eat some fun PB&J biscuits as a sweet snack.  But I ate one of those, too.  This put me 519 calories over my daily limit.

Now,  I could be hard on myself and feel defeated.  I could beat myself up and focus on all the things I did wrong.

But I didn't... and I won't.  

When I started this journey, I admitted to myself that I was going to make mistakes from time to time and it would be okay.  This is really the first time in five and a half weeks I've intentionally ignored what I knew to be the right thing to do.  And it didn't feel good.  And it didn't make me happy.  But you know what?  Right now is a new moment.  I didn't ruin everything because of this one mess up.  I can focus on what I did right and move on!

The Positives:
  • I only went 519 over my daily limit.  In the past, I easily consumed more than 2,500 calories every day.  Today's total was about 200 calories under that. 
  • I'm still 1,236 calories under my weekly budget!
  • Today is the last day of my week on  Tomorrow I start a whole new week of eating!  That means last week will be yesterday's news!
  • I did great with my eating during breakfast and lunch!
  • I drank plenty of water!
  • I have a positive outlook!
I hope you take my story and use it to help hold yourself to a standard of grace, not perfection.  Don't be so hard on yourself!  You're beautifully and wonderfully made! 


  1. CONGRATULATIONS on the 10lbs gone, forever!! THAt is so awesome!!!!
    Once again, your daily "trial" seems to mimic mine completely!! I do have to say that although I've made mental progress, you are light years ahead of me...I CHOOSE not to journal yesterday and we had a "pig out" day for the Super Bowl. Simply an "excuse" to overeat....sometimes my husband is NOT my best ally.....I have felt that sneaky guilt kind of lurking all day....I rebounded with a healthy breakfast and lunch, which I packed for work today, but have already caved into leftovers cluttering up my fridge from the pig out session last night! I was SO hungry, too hungry, when I got home from work.
    My positives don't look so great, but
    1. I ate 3 small pieces of pizza instead of 4 (I threw the 4th one away b/c I started reading your blog!!!!)
    2. Tracked my calories on my journal and am 516 over my daily goal, which keeps me right around 2000.
    3. I am leaving for my lunar stretch class in 45 minutes.
    4. I got the Beck Diet Solution book in the mail today and plan to dive into it after class.
    5. I drank 4 24 ounce water bottles refills today.
    OK, so my positive look better than I thought....
    I am finding my grace today, b/c perfection is definitely out the window!!
    You rock it sister and thanks for sharing your amazing journey with us all!!!!
    LOVE YOU!!

  2. Thank you so much Kendra!!! I know it might seem like I'm breezing through it, but I definitely have my challenges! Most days I do so great, but others take a TON of work.

    I'm with you on Super Bowl Sunday. It was rough! Those traditions to make it a food fest feel engrained in me. It actually almost felt like I would have been doing something wrong by not making some kind of snack foods to celebrate. The funny thing is I didn't really care about either team playing and was more interested in the Puppy Bowl! The thing that helped me most was remembering my advantages to losing weight. I read those over and over again and they have really saved the day at times.

    I'm THRILLED that you bought The Beck Diet Solution! It really did help me change my mindset in a lot of ways. I read that one over and over again and visit their website often.

    Now... about your list of positives. THEY WERE AWESOME!!!! I'm so proud of you!!!!! Isn't it funny how writing them out and giving yourself credit for things really helps change our perspective? All these little, simple things we can do really add up and make a difference in our daily struggles. When you can reach the place where you don't feel as challenged in your comfortable home setting (or wherever you're most tempted to overeat), that's a big relief. Sometimes certain places are just more tempting than others (for me, it's Mexican restaurants and buffets).

    I'm so glad we're on this journey together and I'm very glad my blog has helped you! We can SO DO THIS!!! I have no doubts!

    Love you, too, girl!! GEAUX GET 'EM!!!