Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Beware of Dream Crushers

When you start down the path to making your dreams come true, you will begin to see everything from a new perspective!  You'll find confidence that was previously buried inside you.  You'll discover confidence you didn't know you had.  You'll become engaged in life again!

But don't be surprised when you also face obstacles, barriers, challenges, and adversity.  You may even encounter "dream crushers", or those too weak to follow their own dreams.  They may not be supportive of the path you're on.  They may want to see you fail.  They may say spiteful things to put fear, insecurity, or doubt in your mind.  They're coming from a place of jealousy and unhappiness in their own life.

If you do encounter dream crushers, just remember...
  These are YOUR dreams. 
  They came from YOUR heart.
  They were given to YOU.
  YOU are important and deserve to be happy.
  There's nothing selfish about following your dreams.
  When you follow your dreams you'll become engaged and passionate about life.
  That passion will spread to those around you.
  The people in your life who really love you and care WILL support you.
  Those who don't support you are the ones missing out on an amazing person.
  Dream crushers haven't dealt with the hurts from their past and are unhappy with their lives.
  Give them time, they may come around.
  If they don't, it's unfortunate.  They'll miss out on so many blessings and a life full of happiness.

Stay strong.  Rely on God.  Don't let the dream crushers get you down. 

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