Monday, February 27, 2012

Be Your Own Cheerleader

In her comments on yesterday's post, my sister-in-law shared about a blog post she read on  I can't believe how it came at just the right time!  The writer shared how her journey to health and wellness helped her become her own best "cheerleader" and how important it is to cheer for yourself!

I spend so much of my life cheering others on but it's usually very uncomfortable to cheer for myself.  We're led to believe it's unacceptable to speak well of yourself and talk about what a great job you've done.  We really have taken this to heart...

Think of the hours we've spent scolding ourselves and telling ourselves what lazy, worthless, powerless, and weak women we are because we ate an extra scoop of ice cream or put extra sour cream on our tacos.   It's so ridiculous... and upsetting!  It's a lot of energy wasted on negative reinforcement.  No wonder we get stuck in a sick cycle of weight fluctuation, food addiction, depression, and self-loathing.

We rely so heavily on the feedback and encouragement from others, feeling validation when someone else cheers us on.


Scream it from the top of the highest mountain!!!!  YOU.  ARE.  WORTH.  IT.

Cheering is positive reinforcement, saying you can do it, you're doing a great job, way to resist that temptation, terrific job working out!  Cheering is saying don't give up now, you've come too far, remember your dream and how important it is to you, think of the day you finally compare your before and after pictures - then show them to the world!  Cheering is posting positive notes and pictures all over your cubicle walls and fridge and mirrors and creating positive reminders in your phone. 

Actually, it seems like I might do more cheering for myself than I realized!

But my sister-in-law did help me to see that my dreams are SO much more important than a silly graph with red bars going over the "mark".  It's an important tool and part of the journey to my dreams, but that little red graph bar will NOT prevent me from getting where I want to be.  If it's worth having, it's worth fighting for... every step of the way.  I will learn what I need to learn from the red graph bar, then cheer myself on to a new start right now!

L-E-T-S  G-O  Let's go!  Let's go!!!!

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