Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Be Nice to Yourself

Another pep talk letter...

Dear Chrissy (or insert your name here),

"Why are you thinking those awful thoughts about yourself again?  When you look in the mirror, why do you see someone completely different from the person everyone else sees?  Would you really say to another person the hateful things you're thinking and verbalizing about yourself? 

No.  You wouldn't think of it.  You wouldn't even say it to someone who's wronged or hurt you.

So stop beating yourself up.  Stop the mental abuse.  Quit holding yourself back.  You'd never allow someone to treat you this way, so you need to realize that it's no different for you.  It's time to change more than just your eating and exercising habits.  Let's work on how you talk to yourself...

You are beautiful.  In fact, you're stunning.  You're fun.  You enjoy life.  You are smart.  You are kind.  You are important.  (Shout-out from "The Help"!)  You should give yourself more credit.  You can be a good example for others if you give it your all.  You love to help people... it fuels you.  Some people really benefit from the help you give.  You're developing good habits.  You're making positive changes. 

You have big dreams and you're moving in the direction of them.  You're losing weight.  Your clothes are getting too big.  Your dance moves are getting better.  You're drinking a great amount of water.  You're making better food choices.  You're motivated.  You're dedicated.  You're loved.

Others want you to succeed... and you deserve to be successful.  Others want you to be happy... and you deserve to be happy.  YOU. REALLY. DO. 

Repeat after me... YOU CAN DO THIS!!!!"



P.S.  Read this over and over again to remind yourself not to give up.  THIS IS YOUR DREAM.


  1. WOW!!! This a SUPER tough one for me! I even catch myself saying nasty, negative things to myself OUTLOUD! Hearing it spew out of my mouth makes it real, somehow.....I've have NEVER been as ugly as I can be to myself to another human being, EVER!
    I am finally beginning to recognize my cycle of negative self talk and I am having more success with stopping it in the moment...although it is extremely easy to fall backwards, into that ugly dark pit of self loathing....I didn't realize how long I have resided in this negative place.....it was totally unconscious....
    My trainer last night said "Learn to be happy where you are at RIGHT NOW! As women, we alwasy seems to want what we don't have....if we gain 20lbs, then RIGHT now looks GREAT! Embrace yourself in this journey and celebrate each movement forward." She says this, of course, as she's asking us to do one more set of "Dead Bugs" (a horrific lower abd movement where you lie on your back and tap your heels one at a time on the floor!!! SO HARD!!!) LOL!!!
    You ARE stunning!!! Your beauty radiates from within, where its MOST important!! That gorgeous long, thick blond hair and sparkly blue eyes don't hurt, either!!! How I crave and long for your hair.....sigh........
    Read your letter again and I'm going to go write one to myself right now!

  2. Love Chalene! YOu should try turbo fire if you havent already :-)--Nicole

  3. I actually hadn't heard of Chalene until I saw this picture... I just checked out Turbo Fire, Nicole, and I am SOLD!!!! I'm definitely going to buy these DVD's! I think I'll make it my 20 pound weight loss reward!!

    Check it out...

    Kendra, I am SO with you on this... it's almost unbelievable when I think about saying to another person the mean things I say to myself. It IS really ugly. It's negative. And, it's not healthy for any of us to treat ourselves this way. We have to make the effort multiple times a day to change this habit.

    I LOVE your trainer's words of wisdom! She's right on. And thank you SO much for the amazing compliments!!! :) That was absolutely sweet and I'm excited to rock our hotness together... with every one of you!!! :)

  4. I am at a lost for words! Although I don't really have this issue it is AMAZING to hear you put your true feelings, thoughts, and fears out here like this! I'm so in awe of how brave and strong you are Chrissy! You keep on keepin on girl! You are such an inspiration for us ALL!!!

  5. I have two DVD sets by Chalene Johnson, Turbo Jam (she did this one before Turbo Fire) and Chalene Extreme (it is strength training). I LOVE both of them!
    If you want to borrow, to check out before you buy, let me know. They are all yours!

  6. Thanks SO much LaShan!! That makes me really happy!!

    Kendra - HECK YES!!! I would so love to borrow Turbo Jam and Chalene Extreme (if you can handle being without both for a couple of weeks)!! I saw Turbo Jam online and it looked awesome!! I'm super excited now!!!!!!!!!!!!!