Friday, January 6, 2012

You Never Know!

A few days ago I blogged about my first two days of Zumba.  The first day I relearned the basic steps for 60 minutes.  Two days later I did the first full cardio party workout.  The cardio party was a challenge, to say the least, and it felt like it took two hours to get through.  But tonight after work, I came right home and changed, then went down stairs and fired up the DVD! 

I couldn't BELIEVE how fast it went by this time!  The 50 minute workout felt like it took MAYBE 25-30 minutes, at most!  The steps were easier than the time before and I wasn't as out of breath!  Had I given up when I envisioned the DVDs collecting dust, I would have missed out on this amazing feeling I have inside.  I wouldn't have burned 514 calories this evening (I've burned 1,448 calories this week doing those three Zumba workouts alone)!  Just by taking a chance, these awesome things happened and I love how I feel!

And my eating... wow!  I just can't believe how fast my entire perspective changed towards food this time!  Maybe it's because I'm blogging and putting myself out there.  Maybe it's because y'all are holding me accountable.  Maybe it's because I have those most amazing best friend and supporter I'm blessed to call my husband.  Maybe it's having Zumba DVDs at home and a place to workout. Maybe it's logging my daily food intake and exercise.  Maybe it's knowing no food is off limits that helps me decide to make better choices.  Maybe it's that I want to inspire and help others.  Maybe it's because this is one of my top dreams.  I think it's the combination of these and the right timing.

Do you doubt that you're strong enough to make this work for you?  Is there fear holding you back?  Is there a voice in your head that says you can't do this? 

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