Thursday, January 19, 2012

What's Holding You Back?

In our Dare to Dream session at work today I asked some difficult and heavy questions to my fellow dreamers.  The questions prompted amazing discussions and we faced some hard-hitting, even ugly, truths about the barriers that can get in our way of moving in the direction of our dreams.  

Whether the dream you're focused on is to lose weight and maintain a healthy lifestyle, or if you have another dream you're pursuing (or would like to pursue), do you find there's an emotion or situation holding you back?  Is there an overwhelming feeling that prevents you from moving forward with making YOUR dream a reality?  

Personally, until December 28, 2011, I held on to guilt from past decisions and poor choices I made.  I held on to insecurity that stemmed from my past, fear of failure, fear of a difficult process & hard work, and a lot of fear of being judged by others in a negative way.

There are so many emotions and situations that can cause you to push your dreams aside... shame, worthlessness, hopelessness, depression, uncertainty, lack of support, feeling unloved, unsure how to begin, and many others.  

Think about the source of that (or those) emotion(s).  Where did they begin?  As a child?  During your teen years?  Adulthood?  Are they a result of poor choices you made?  Did someone in your life not support you or treat you the way you ought to be treated?  Were you not encouraged to do great things in life?  Is it part of your character or personality?  Do you put your value in what you know about yourself or what others think of you? 

Sometimes finding the source of what's holding us back, acknowledging it, processing it, and then letting it go, is the only way to move in the direction of our dreams.  

Are you willing to process the emotions or situations holding you back in order to bring your dreams to life? 

I finally did... and it feels amazing! 

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