Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Wednesday Wow Factor!

It's that time again... WWF!  No, not fake wrestling.  My Wednesday Wow Factor!  I was reminded this week that you sometimes need to do things the difficult way first to fully grasp the concept or to learn something you never knew.  Check it out...

Start date: 12/28/11
Initial weight: 218
Current weight: 210
This week's loss: 0

Last week's goals: Continue blogging, continue making good choices and eating small portions, continue logging my food intake on LoseIt, continue exercising - increasing the amount from 3 times to 4 times between now and next Wednesday... and move every day - doing some kind, any kind of movement because it's better than sitting still.

What went well: My caloric budget is 1,884 calories a day.  Last week (Monday - Sunday) I was 2,427 calories under my weekly budget!!!! It was much better than the week before (900 calories below), I built muscle and toned areas by doing calisthenics, such as squats, lunges, and taking the stairs. Posting daily blogs is really keeping me focused, motivated, and driven. I feel like I'm doing so much good for myself and others and it's really fueling my passion!

Challenges: I didn't do a cardio workout (like Zumba) once. I was dressed and in the basement with the DVD on pause one night, ready to go. Instead, I spent the hour on the phone and walked laps in the basement with our dog Dixie, while I talked. At least I was moving! I've made good decisions like taking the stairs instead of the elevator and parking a little further away from the grocery store entrance. I know these things are building muscle, but it doesn't seem to burn the amount of calories that a cardio workout burns. I feel the decrease in cardio added to the fact that I didn't lose any weight this week (or it's because the scale is circa 1984). It's a struggle to not beat yourself up over it or to feel like the week was a waste. BUT IT WASN'T A WASTE! It was worth it!

Also, I did skip a few meals this past week. That's not really a good thing. My body has been storing this food as fat because it hasn't made the transition to put calories into the glycogen storage areas. I feel this also added to my lack of weight loss. I did learn how you can help your body actually prevent calories from turning into fat! It's really not difficult at all and I'm going to try it this week. (Keep reading to find out how.)

I also struggled with insecurity and self-consciousness. As the weight comes off, your body starts to change in ways you didn't expect or ways you feared. Being okay with those outcomes and not giving up is the key. I continue ask for God's help with that!

This week's goals: Blog daily, make good choices and eat small portions, log food intake, EXERCISE - doing cardio 3 to 4 times in the next week and move every day - doing some kind, any kind of movement because it's better than sitting still. And stop skipping meals... eat small portions more often and eat something small when I feel those hunger pangs. I will commit to implementing the tools I've learned to keep so many calories from turning into fat.

Total lost so far: Still 8 pounds!!!!!

(Find more information by clicking this link!)

Q.  When does the body consider calories as "excess?"
A.  When it has no room to store the sugars in the cells. At that point, it goes to Plan B, which is to turn those blood sugars into fat so they don't oxidize nerves and other vital structures.

Q.  How does the body count calories?
A.  It does this indirectly, by monitoring blood sugar levels. When these are too low, the body demands more calories. When these are too high, the body stores the calories via Plan A (glycogen in the cells, if there's room) or Plan B (fat, if there's "no room at the inn").

Q.  When do excess calories become fat?
A.  See the answer to the previous question.

You can prevent some calories from turning into fat by taking the advice below.  It isn't really that difficult, you just need to commit!
  • Eat 6 small meals a day instead of 3 large ones. This allows you to put calories into the glycogen storage areas with far fewer left over. So, fewer calories turn into fat! (I'm all for it!)
  • Exercise, even if just a little, before you eat. This creates room in the cells for calorie storage. 
  • If you're eating because you're hungry, commit that you won't do that for 6 days. You'll find your body adjusts in about 3 days. When the 6 days are up, you're no longer fighting this problem!  Then, when hunger hits, just tell yourself it's only 3 hours between meals and you can wait. Drink a glass of water or have some green tea to settle your stomach.
  • Are you eating your post-workout protein-carb combo as a seventh meal? Shame on you! Go back and do the calorie math.
  • Look at your portion size. Make a habit of cutting fruits in half. Store one half in a container for later. For example, eat half an apple rather than the whole thing.

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