Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Wednesday Wow Factor!

So this is is the most exciting Wednesday Wow Factor for me yet!  I'm thrilled to share my success with y'all and hope it encourages you in your journey to break habits, refocus, and change perspectives!

Start date: 12/28/11  (Three full weeks!)
Initial weight: 218
Current weight: 210

Last week's goals: Continue blogging about my journey, continue making good choices and eating small portions, continue logging my food intake on LoseIt, continue exercising - increasing the amount from 3 times to 4 times between now and next Wednesday.

What went well: My caloric budget is 1,917 calories a day.  Last week (Monday - Sunday) I was 900 calories under my weekly budget!  Although it wasn't near as good as the week before (2,217 calories below), I'm not beating myself up over it (that's taking a lot of effort)!  I was really sick from Thursday through the rest of the week and didn't exercise at all during that time.  I only logged one exercise for the week, so I didn't reach my goal of increasing the amount.  I realize the lack of exercise (not burning calories) contributed to the increase in caloric intake.   Oh and remember those awesome, tempting sugar cookies I bought for the LSU game?  I didn't eat more than two!!!!!!  And they were in our house for like five days!!!!  Y'all just don't understand how amazing this accomplishment is to me!  I still can't believe it!!   :)

I continue to make better choices in what I'm eating.  When I do decide to enjoy some down-home cookin' (like shrimp and grits), I've seriously decreased my portions from what I would have enjoyed in the past!  Sometimes it surprises me that I can feel so satisfied with a smaller amount.  In the past, I only felt deprived and feelings of "it's not fair".  

My biggest accomplishment since last Wednesday... I put on a pair of size 20 (embarrassing) black pants for work this morning and they were just ridiculously too big on me.  Simply falling off.  I noticed a few pair of pants hanging in a section of "too small for now but maybe someday I'll wear them again" and told my husband "heck, I'll just see if there's a chance that they would fit."  Feeling TONS of anxiety (I could hardly breathe), I tried them on.  THEY FIT!!!!  AND THEY WEREN'T TIGHT!!  They were actually loose!  I'm wearing a size 18 today and it feels amazing (yet still embarrassing.... but I'm not focusing on that).  I'm just excited to see the sizes and my weight continue to decrease!

Challenges:  Occationally, I still think about eating something out of habit.  I keep resisting!  I'm also working through feelings of feeling deprived and "it's not fair" when my family wants to visit a fast food drive-thru.  I'm conditioned to view "more food for less money" as the best deal rather than making the right choice to eat the amount my body needs (which is usually less money than a large value meal).  

And thank the Lord for me being sick this weekend!  My husband was really hungry and wanted Sonic Sunday evening.  He almost didn't go out of respect for me and the changes I'm making.  (I love him!!!!)  He didn't want to tempt me or make it more difficult for me to resist.  I told him it was so fine because I wasn't hungry at all and couldn't smell or taste food if I were hungry.  So we get there and I see the picture of an extra-long cheese coney... my favorite.  I started feeling tempted to say "screw it" and just order one. 

Then, he ordered a tasty-looking burger and a large tater tots with cheese.  When I heard that, I thought I might seriously lose control... I really enjoy tater tots with cheese!  When he asked if I wanted anything, I said no thank you (somewhat reluctantly).  But, when the food was delivered and I was holding the bag as he drove us home, I realized I couldn't even smell them.  I mean I started sniffing the bag like a hound dog and couldn't smell a thing.  AND I WASN'T TEMPTED!  Even when we arrived home and he opened the bag, I wasn't tempted to eat one or two of his yummy cheese tots.  And, the more I resisted, the happier I was!  I was so proud of myself!  I know being sick helped, but it also made me feel like I accomplished something big and gave me the confidence to know I can do it again when I'm feeling well!

This week's goals: Continue blogging, continue making good choices and eating small portions, continue logging my food intake on LoseIt, continue exercising - increasing the amount from 3 times to 4 times between now and next Wednesday... and move every day - doing some kind, any kind of movement because it's better than sitting still.

Total lost so far: 8 pounds!!!!!


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