Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Wednesday Wow Factor!

Start date: 12/28/11
Initial weight: 218
Current weight: 215

What went well: I did all of the above again!  My caloric budget is 1,917 calories a day. Last week (Monday - Sunday) I was 2,217 UNDER my weekly budget! The week before that I was 1,346 calories below! Until last night, I've never exceeded my budget!  I even had two dozen cookies sitting at my desk all day and didn't eat one until 6:00 at night - AND have only eaten two (one chocolate, one vanilla) since Monday night!
I continue to do Zumba and have done it three times since my last update!  I've made much better choices in what I've eaten and have continued to stay preoccupied with my blog and other things. It's really keeping me focused on my dream and I'm finding that inspiring others drives me to keep going!

Challenges:  Occasionally, I still begin to think about eating something out of habit. The good news, I've resisted every time!

Last night was my biggest challenge so far... Jose Pepper's. It's one of my favorite places to eat. It's also a place I struggle with because of the endless chips & salsa and that darn tootin' espinaca dip. I worked from home and didn't eat lunch yesterday so by the time we arrived, I was ravenous with a headache. I did force myself to slow down with the chips and salsa, but it wasn't as slow as I'd like to go in the future. I probably consumed 1/3 less chips/salsa/espinaca than I would've in the past and I definitely ate half the shrimp nachos I used to eat!

When the nachos arrived (and I mean a BIG plate) I ate three and felt satisfied... I could've stopped. I kept feeling guilty that I was spending $9 on nachos that would go to waste if I stopped eating (because nachos aren't a take-home kinda food)... so I ate 4 more. I was feeling gross at this point, so I stopped eating, used my fork to smash the nachos around, and used my straw to pour some water on them. Then, they became nasty and unappetizing. I had to trick myself into stopping, making them much less tempting. IT WORKED!

The challenge for me will be to stop focusing on getting my money's worth and focus on eating the right amount, feeling satisfied. I'm really conditioned to getting the most food for the best price (the old super sizing/value meal scenario). This is going to take some practice for sure! The good part? I only went over my budget by 256 calories (Tuesday's total intake was 2,173). Not bad at all!

This week's goals: Continue blogging about my journey, continue making good choices and eating small portions, continue logging my food intake on LoseIt, continue exercising - increasing the amount from 3 times to 4 times between now and next Wednesday.

Total lost so far: 3 pounds

Last week's goals: Continue blogging about my journey, continue making good choices and eating small portions, keep a food journal on LoseIt, exercise three times between now and next Wednesday

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