Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Wednesday Wow Factor!

So I've made a new commitment with two of my friends from work.  It's called the 'Wednesday Wow Factor'!  Every Wednesday we email each other our stats, goals, successes, and challenges.  It keeps us accountable, encouraged, supported, and motivated!  We've yet to decide what our prize or reward will be, but we'll think of something fun!  Starting today, I'll begin sharing my 'Wednesday Wow Factor' with y'all every Wednesdayl!

Start date: 12/28/11
Initial weight: 218
Current weight: I'm weighing tomorrow morning!

Last week's goals: Begin my blog and write daily posts, reduce caloric intake by 500 calories per day, keep a food journal on LoseIt, exercise three times between last Wednesday and today

What went well: I did all of the above!  I reduced my caloric intake by more than 500 calories some days.  I did the initial Zumba workout and the cardio party, in addition to a ton of house work and hunting (which burns a bunch of calories setting up and taking down decoys in a corn field)!  I've made much better choices in what I've eaten.  I've stayed so preoccupied with my blog and other things that I haven't thought about eating when I shouldn't!  I'm eating smaller meals.  Feeling very supported by my husband and friends has been a huge help for me!

Challenges:  I found that I'd start wanting something to eat out of habit.  I was not hungry, nor did I need to eat.  But all of a sudden I would get this urge of "Oh my gosh I need something to eat".  HOWEVER, I RESISTED!  I talked myself out of it!  I felt and heard that my stomach was not even growling.  I reminded myself that I'm in the process of breaking the habit and this was just a test, so I'm gonna pass!  I was so proud when I did!

This week's goals: Continue blogging about my journey, continue making good choices and eating small portions, keep a food journal on LoseIt, exercise three times between now and next Wednesday

Total lost so far: I'm not sure... weighing in the morning!

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