Monday, January 16, 2012

Turn It Around!

When I attempted to lose weight in the past, I struggled with feeling defeated when I messed up and ate more than I should have (usually caused by skipping meals or waiting too long to eat).  I would feel like I messed up so much and losing weight was too difficult, so I just wanted to quit altogether.  And typically, I would quit.

This time, I feel different.  I freed myself from needless guilt and torture from the start when I admitted that I'm going to slip up from time to time.  There will be days when I wait too long to eat, leaving me ravenous and tempted to eat larger portions.  There will be days I give in to that temptation.  But making one mistake doesn't mean I ruined everything.  It doesn't mean all of my hard work was for nothing.  I can remember that conversation I had with myself and turn it all around!  There's no need to be super critical or hard on myself.  I'm human and breaking bad habits takes time.   I really can't tell you how freeing it feels to have removed that additional weight from my shoulders!

I've always been a big water drinker, but now, it's crazy the amount of water I'm drinking!  I do see a difference in my skin and hair (both are less oily and my face is clearing up), and I actually seem less bloated or swollen (even in my face).  The biggest annoyance for me is the constant trips to the restroom!  I just get sick of going (I actually considered Depends for two seconds!).  However, I decided to change my perspective and I now consider those extra trips additional exercise! 

Another great thing about drinking more water is drinking two glasses of it before a meal prevents you from overeating and helps you burn calories... what a GREAT bonus!  Try it for a week and see what happens!


  1. Your words are inspiring. I went to the sink and drank two glasses of water! But that's not the most inspiring part. I liked that you admitted to making mistakes and with that knowledge you committed to work even harder to not let it stop you. Keep on going girl. You'll get there.
    Thanks for your thoughts tonight.

  2. Thanks, E!!!

    You know, admitting mistakes is just being real. Sometimes our journey isn't pretty and sometimes it's super difficult. But we keep pressing on because we have to. We WANT to! We have a purpose on this earth! We don't always know what it is until later, but it always makes us better. We have a dream that we want to bring into our reality and we press on to see it through.

    Love you, girl!!!!