Monday, January 9, 2012

Sweet Delight

A few months ago (before beginning my weight loss journey) I told a co-worker of mine that when LSU made it to the BSC National Championship game, I would order 2 dozen sugar cookies from his incredibly talented wife, Stacy!  As you can see above, LSU MADE IT and the cookies arrived today!!!  Aren't they beautiful and almost too good to eat?  They were a surprise for my die-hard LSU fan husband... and he was really surprised!  I couldn't be happier with how terrific they turned out!

I've really felt anxiety this weekend just knowing the cookies were on the way, as I remembered how great they taste.  Stacy always makes an extra set (her practice cookies) for Chuck to take to work for his co-workers (and we love her for it)!  In the past, when other people weren't eating the extras, I would pick up the slack.  Now, this is pretty embarrassing for me to admit, but in the past I would easily consume 6 to 8 cookies before I left for the day.  YIKES!!!  It really stinks to admit that to you.  But, I have to be real in this journey.  It's the ugly truth!  So, you can understand why I worried about how I'd react when they arrived.

It's now 2:43.  The cookies arrived at my desk at 8:15.  Guess how many I've had... NONE!!  I haven't eaten one cookie yet!  AND I'M SO PROUD OF MYSELF!!!  They are sitting at my desk and smelling them is like torturous aromatherapy!  Check out how close they are...

THAT is resistance, motivation, and determination!!  If this girl can do it, YOU CAN, TOO!  The even better thing about this was that sharing them with everyone around me has mades me feel so good inside... it's truly filled the emotional need that eating the food pretended to "fill" in the past.  And nearing the end of the work day, I'm feeling more proud of this HUGE accomplishment!

I keep imagining how great they're going to taste when I finally get to enjoy one!  And trust me, I'm going to savor it and eat that cookie slowly!  I've done so awesome with my eating today to prepare for tonight's traditional LSU game cajun meal!  I'll find a way to fit in some exercise, no matter what.  This is so exciting!!!  A big game, big dreams, big obstacles, big victories, and big success...  life is so good!


  1. AMEN!!!! Life is WONDERFUL!!!! Loving every minute of it!!!