Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Sitting Wrecks Your Body

WOW!  I almost can't believe these facts!  What an eye opener.  An colleague of mine sent this to me and it spoke to my heart.  He said there are some very simple things we can do to minimize these problems and the impact what we eat has on our bodies.

1. Eat more veggies (preferably raw) and less carbs. He found ways to eat more raw veggies to the extent that he easily quadrupled his veggie consumption. It's mostly by salads (not lettuce) made in bulk with a vinegar and oil base.

2. Move around as often as you can. The benefits of movement are no secret - higher metabolism, better C-V system, calorie burn, higher cognitive capacity. There are stairs within a few dozen feet of most of us. Before lunch, walk one flight round trip. It will bump your metabolism, and make the largest muscle groups in the body hungry for nutrients - which means turning some of your lunch into muscle instead of fat. Do it again mid-afternoon. After a week or so, do two flights of stairs. And don't forget the morning when you get to your building. Can't make it to the 10th floor without a trip to the ER? Walk one flight and grab the elevator the rest of the way.

3. No more soda. It is DIRECTLY correlated with obesity in the US. He's given several speeches on the evils of soda, and from his research believes diet soda is even worse than regular. Both are worth erasing from your diet.

* He's not a certified health ANYTHING, but has done a lot of research on the topic and feels that these tips might be helpful to people trying to make a little progress in their health.

It makes those extra trips to the restroom even BETTER!  No Depends!!!


  1. I can totally relate to the annoyance of constant bathroom breaks as a result of lots & lots of water intake! Your Depends comment pretty much made me lol! Good luck with your journey!!


  2. HA!!! So THAT is why we're seeing each other in the restroom so frequently at work now... mystery solved!!!

    Thanks for the sweet wishes, Breanne!!!!