Friday, January 27, 2012

It's Just a Number

This makes me cry. 

It's just beautiful. 

And really powerful.

It's hard to remember these when we step on the scale, isn't it?  Somehow they fly right out the window and negativity steps in to take it's place.  It takes a lot of strength and effort to shut that junk out and turn on the kudos.  I think we should all write these on or near our scale and vow to read them every time we step on and off!

I can't explain the feeling in my heart when I saw this picture and read those words.  It really makes the scale seem cold and abrasive.  Heartless.  Lifeless.  Then again, it is just a scale.  So why do we become so obsessed? 

Instead of focusing on that number, let's remember the great things we've done all day, the times we resisted temptation, the times we stopped ourselves from saying or thinking something negative about ourselves. 

My sister-in-law shared with me that she's started writing down the positive things she does on strips of paper, folds them up, and puts them in a glass jar.  Throughout the week she watches as the jar fills up.  At the end of the week, or when she's feeling defeated, she can take them out one at a time and read all her achievements, rebuilding her self-esteem and fueling her drive!  Granted, her house cleaner has to refrain from throwing them away while cleaning!

What a great way to change our perspective!  I just might start my own jar this weekend!

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