Sunday, January 29, 2012

It Gets Better!

~Zig Ziglar

Remember when I told you about my first experience doing Zumba in my basement?  I felt anything but coordinated, super clumsy, and really out of shape.  I had visions of those DVDs collecting dust in no time.  I felt super gross.  Honestly, 5% of me wanted to just cry and quit.

Well, let me tell you that IT GETS BETTER! 

This evening I did a Zumba session and it was really fun!  It went by so fast and I made it through... even after a second round of being sick!  I'm wondering if working out in the basement is causing me to get sick, though.  It's dusty and basementy.  The last two times I've gotten sick I've worked out hard in the basement with the fan blowing on me for 50 minutes.  Maybe it's just a coincidence.  I'm praying that it doesn't rear its ugly head again.

But today I realized my main motivation in continuing to work out.  I'm noticing my body and face are beginning to slim down and my clothes are fitting looser!  Also, I'm starting to receive compliments on my noticeable weight loss!  That's super exciting!  And, the weeks I've done the most workouts are the weeks with the most weight loss (shocking, I know)!  

I really want to encourage you to start moving.  Just start somewhere.  Don't worry if you feel awkward, out of breath, uncoordinated, or tired.  Just do your best because it gets better with each day! 

I feel so much better about myself and I love knowing I'm one step closer to my dream with each workout!  I no longer envision the DVDs collecting dust.  I now envision myself being able to shop in any store I want, picking out clothes I like... not just what I can fit into.  I envision wearing dresses again, feeling more confident, wanting to be photographed (and not just from the neck up), and receiving good health reports from the doctor!  There are so many benefits and I'm thrilled that I'm making my dream come true!  I know you can do it, too.  Just remember...


  1. Love this quote. Reminds me of how we get inspired for great things and we hit it so hard and fast...the one time we screw up we fall off the wagon. "Go"ing is right on!

  2. HECK YEAH!!! I'm gonna just keep moving forward - I have to make my dreams come true!!!!