Tuesday, January 31, 2012

I'm Doing This.

On my mind tonight...
It's my dream. 
It's my life. 
God gave it to me. 
And I'm blessed! 
I refuse to let my weight hold me back anymore. 
I have so much to do with my time on this earth.
I have lives to affect.
And I want to impact them in a positive way.

I'm actually starting to view food as fuel.
And it feels better than I thought it would!
I'm surrounded by amazing people in my life.
People who encourage me, support me, believe in me, and love me.
It makes so much difference.
My life is really great.
And I'm blessed!

Thanks for listening to my brain dump tonight!
Sometimes you just have to get some things out.
It doesn't always have to have a theme.
It just has to be real.

Life isn't easy.
I struggle daily with some form of challenge.
But I rise to it and usually overcome.
Other times I learn the hard way.
But I always get back up on my feet.
And I press on.
I keep my faith and believe that God will get me through

He always has.
He always will.
And I'm blessed!

Goodnight and have an AMAZING tomorrow, kids!!!


  1. I'm so very proud of you, Chrissy! You are making such a positive difference, not only for yourself but for the world!


  2. Thanks a million, Sheryl!!! That just thrills my soul more than you know!!!