Friday, January 20, 2012

How to Let Go

Letting go is certainly not easy.  It doesn't usually happen overnight. It takes some time.  I PROMISE it will get better every day when you really make an effort.  I've had some real struggles with depression, guilt, anxiety, and lots of insecurity.  I've been able to overcome most of them, but I'm still working on the last one. It sometimes grips me tight and can hold me back from doing something great.

One thing that really helped change my perspective was making my list of dreams - writing on paper the things I desire in my heart, even if they seem far away. When you write them down (or type them out) they become real! They become alive somehow and they connect to your heart!

For me, I wasn't able to begin making my dream list at first because I was broken inside. I was absolutely low, depressed, sometimes even hopeless. The picture at the bottom of my blog post 'The Highlight Reel' spoke to me. It was exactly how I felt just before I made my dream list. I couldn't even say the words to pray about what I was feeling, but God understood my pain and what I felt in my heart. I just humbled myself, prayed without speaking... and He heard me.

From that moment on, I felt different! And a few hours later I started my dream list... and it's been so exciting from there!!!

I broke my dreams out into categories such as: spiritual - financial - psychological - physical - emotional - intellectual - creative - professional - adventure - legacy - character - material. This made it easier to wrap my head around what I really want for my future.

When you make your list, indicate the top three dreams that are most important to you. You might find that some of them coincide!  My top dreams are:

1. Lose weight and maintain a healthy lifestyle, starting a personal blog to help in my journey (IP = in progress)
2. Move others to acknowledge their dreams, seeing dreams become reality - making their world a happier, more fulfilling place to dwell! (IP)
3. Be a full-time Dream Coach or Life Coach!
4. See Zumba classes FINALLY offered to associates at work during lunch hours! (IP)
5. Do voice-over acting!
6. Purchase an additional vehicle! (Plan IP)
7. Become a certified Zumba instructor!
8. Transform the unfinished, dark, storage basement into a bright, fun workout/hangout space! (IP)
9. Gain self-confidence and develop a better self-image! (IP)

So, I started with dream #1, because it was the nearest to my heart. It's been amazing! Putting myself out there, being transparent, taking risks, and sharing personal & embarrassing information with the world has changed everything! It's mostly because I see and feel my dream coming to life... but not just one dream. More than one!

As I share my journey with others (YOU are a part of my journey!), I'm inspiring and helping some of them to move in the direction of their dreams.... kicking off dream #2 and working towards dream #3!  As I work out to Zumba DVDs in my basement, it's fueling my passion to see dreams #4 and #7 become reality!  And, the fact that I'm working out in the basement has encouraged me to begin dream #8!  AND, as I'm working out, eating anything I want in moderation, logging my food, and sharing my journey with others, it's starting to bring dream #9 to life!

I have MANY other dreams! Some are pretty personal. Some are difficult to even think about (even alone in my head). But I can't attain them all at once.  I had to start somewhere. I'm focused on the dreams closest to my heart and I can't wait to see where they take me!

I want to give you hope in knowing that recognizing your dreams can really change your perspecitve.  It can change your outlook on your life, adversity, your purpose on this earth, and most situations!



  1. I'm so glad you blog :) It makes me happy!

  2. Oh thank you, Arti!!! You saying that makes ME happy!!!!!!! :)