Sunday, January 8, 2012

The Highlight Reel

I just couldn't believe how true this quote was.  It didn't really hit me at first, but the more I thought about it, the more real it became. 

Think of the last time you were on Facebook, scrolling through your news feed when, out of nowhere, you started to feel inadequate. Your life started to seem a little less glamorous.  Status updates from friends taking vacations of a lifetime, exciting evening and weekend plans, and wall posts about how their life is just so amazing. You name it.. we’ve all seen it.  Everyone posts their best photos and we're seeing their highlight reel, yet we never see the behind-the-scenes footage.  

It takes a lot of effort not to compare yourself to the world.  Facebook is just one source.  We're also bombarded with images we see on television (especially reality T.V. and tabloid entertainment shows), movies, magazines, the internet, and people we come into contact wherever we go.  We see how things look on the surface and and immediately begin making judgements about ourselves, lowering our self-image little by little.

Now I'm about to be really open with y'all, even if it's ugly or harsh.  If anyone knew the awful, horrible things I've thought about myself over the years, they'd probably be shocked that someone could be so mean.  The truth is, I've never spoken to another person with the amount of disrespect I've spoken to myself.  And it's not okay.  And I certainly don't remember anyone being that mean to me (although someone came pretty close a few times... they're no longer in my life because I didn't find it acceptable to be treated that way). 

Many times when people give me compliments, I find them hard to accept.  My natural tendency is to want to say something negative about myself or to downplay their compliment.  That's hurtful to the person being complimentary and it's hurtful to your self-image.  We just need to accept that what they're saying is real and heartfelt and say "Thank you!"

A close friend shared with me today that she asks God to help her see herself the way He sees her.  We should all try that.  Sometimes it can be hard to even muster the words.  Sometimes the hurt is so deep we don't realize it's there.  But I'd like to give this a whirl... every day this week I'm going to ask God to help me to see myself the way He sees me.  Even if you're scared to ask God for this, He knows what's in your heart.  Just close your eyes for a second and think about the struggles you're facing, the challenges you're up against, the battles that have wounded you, and give them to God.  He just knows...

I'm already beginning to see positive changes in myself since I began this journey!  My face doesn't appear as bloated or swollen and looks a little thinner, my acne is clearing up, and my jeans don't seem as tight as they've been!  I'm thanking God daily for these blessings and will begin asking Him to help me see myself through His eyes...


  1. I love this post!!! I have always struggled with weight loss, the roller coaster. And this year I decided to do something different- actually ask God to help me make good decisions. I consult him on all other decisions, so why not this one? So I am so serious when I tell you I have lost 7.5 pounds and am having a wonderful time, and great attitude, and more importantly, drawing closer to God because I know HE is helping this journey. Good for you for sharing, I enjoy your blog daily!

  2. Thank you SO MUCH!!! I'm glad you're enjoying my blog!!!

    CONGRATULATIONS ON LOSING 7.5 POUNDS!!!! That's just terrific!!!! It's more than I've lost so far, so you're really rockin' it!!! :)

    I, too, have asked the question "Why am I not turning to God for help with this daily struggle?" He's there for us and WANTS us to go to Him. "Call to Me and I will answer you, and show you great and mighty things which you do not know." Jeremiah 33:3

    And it's just like us to want control the situation.

    I think we don't turn to Him sometimes out of fear. Fear that it might be hard or painful... and we don't want to be uncomfortable in those situations. Yet it's interesting that we choose to continue in the discomfort of being overweight, wearing sizes larger than we'd like, comparing ourselves to others, putting ourselves down, and turning to food to fill these voids, when we should turn to Him.

    "Change happens when the fear of holding on become greater than the fear of letting go." Spencer Johnson

    I'm proud of you for making the decision to turn to God for help! I know you'll be successful and draw nearer to Him in your journey. Great things are in store for you!!

  3. Two words! AWESOME POST!!! Love this Chrissy!!! You keep on rockin' it girl!