Tuesday, January 3, 2012

January People Magazine Motivation

Every year I purchase the first January edition of People magazine to read the "Half Their Size!" articles for motivation.  It's worked in the past, so I bought one this year.  After reading it I realized how much smaller my mountain is to climb than what others are facing, or have faced in the past.  That makes me happy.

The people featured in this edition are real.  They've known the difficulties of losing weight.  They have struggled.  Some worse than me.  Some have lost a lot and gained a little back.  A few found it more difficult to maintain their new weight than to lose it.  But each one of them lost more weight than I have to lose... and this makes me know I can do it!

I can't WAIT to tell y'all how great I did today!  I made this amazing, most delicious strawberry-banana granola parfait for breakfast.  When I say it was amazing... I'm telling you - I was seriously so exciting to be eating it and even more excited when I did the math and realized it was only 435 calories!  Here's a picture for your viewing enjoyment:

It's not as large as it may appear.  I used a small bowl.  But I was very satisfied and politely full when I was finished!  Here's all you need to make one:

  1 serving strawberry yogurt (190 calories)
  1/3 cup granola (115 calories)
  1 medium banana, sliced (90 calories)
  3 strawberries, sliced (40 calories)

YUM!  One thing I did find was I could reduce the meal by 90-100 calories by getting a different kind of yogurt.  I tried a 90 calorie non-fat strawberry-banana yogurt... but yuck.  It tasted fake and kind of ruined it for me.  So, I figured it was worth the extra 90 calories, especially when the meal is under 500 calories overall!

For lunch I had a can of tuna in water, adding lemon pepper for spice (100 calories - I reached for some mayo but put it back after I saw how many calories that would add), a serving of those tasty Special K sea salt chips, a serving of steamed edamame (soy beans), a medium banana, 4 strawberries, and 1/2 cup frozen grapes!  Lunch came to 527 calories!

I did my first full hour of Zumba and it kicked my buns!  But, I burned around 520 calories (being generous... it was my first round)!  After my workout, I had some Wholy Guacamole, tortillia chips, and more frozen grapes.  Dinner was 662 calories! 

I'm so proud of myself!  It's fantastic how much I'm enjoying the things I'm eating.  And isn't it strange how telling myself nothing is off limits frees me to make better choices?  :) 

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