Monday, January 2, 2012

Do Somethin'!

Isn't this GREAT?  I found this picture on (I'm in LOVE with Pinterest, by the way).  What a great way to burn 100 calories in no time!  I plan to do these a couple of times in a row on days I need a break from, or don't have time to do, Zumba.  I've been staying so busy with house cleaning/organizing, hunting, and taking down the Christmas decor these past few days I haven't done another Zumba workout.  I'm excited to do it again tomorrow!

My husband and I went to the grocery store today to stock up.  After the holidays we were out of a lot of items.  I was a little nervous that it would be difficult to shop and find healthy items we actually wanted to eat.  When we returned home I was so proud of the items we came home with!  I think listening to all my blog and weight loss talk has actually motivated my husband, too.  He was saying 'no' to things he would normally get.  He was suggesting awesome ideas for healthier snacks and meal options!  It felt SO good being supported and on the same page together!  It was really fun shopping with him!

On our trip to the store, we found these:

They're Special K Sea Salt Chips!  It was the first time I've noticed them but they were two boxes for $4.00, so we gave them a whirl.  They reminded me of Munchos.  The serving size is 30 chips for only 110 calories and they tasted AWESOME!  I can't wait to eat them with tuna for lunch.  The only downfall is with 30 chips per serving, there's only 3.5 servings per box.  You almost need to buy them on sale (they were $3.99 per box at the store we visited).  That's kind of expensive when you break it down (yay, math skills!).

Today's update:  I've been doing AWESOME!  I slept in late and didn't feel like eating until we returned from the grocery store, around 1:00 PM.  I ate such a light meal for lunch; 6 little smokies in BBQ sauce/grape jelly (yum), a serving of Special K Sea Salt chips, a few chocolate baking chips, a Mister Salty 100 calorie Snack Pack, and 32 oz of water.  I ate a stick of string cheese as a snack later and drank more water.  For dinner, I had one homeade chicken enchillada with sour cream and salsa, drinking more water. I was stuffed!  Dinner ended up being less than 500 calories.  I couldn't believe it.  I ate what I wanted and never felt deprived.  And, eating much smaller portions is becoming more obvious in the amount of food that fills me up now.  It's much less. 

I'm loving this....

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