Saturday, January 28, 2012

Darn Sweet Tooth!

Sugary sweets... I seriously crave them (as previously discussed).  And it frustrates me!

For some reason I have a difficult time ending a meal without eating something sweet.  Maybe it's that we grow up hearing we can't have dessert until we've finished our dinner.  But seriously?  I'm over that.  I'm a big girl now and if I want sweets before, during, or after dinner, that's what I'm having!

I've recently began changing the types of "sweets" I consume.  I'm eating more yogurt, fruits, granola bars, and protein shakes.  And the funny thing is, in the past, I would have viewed this as torture.  Now, I look forward to it!  It really hasn't taken my body long to adjust to these changes, either.  It's great!

I still struggle with these sweet craving attacks, though.  They come out of nowhere and I have to fight hard to push them away.  I read my list of advantages of losing weight and it usually keeps me from eating something I shouldn't.  Sometimes I have to take it a step further and drink some water. 

But the biggest help has been the commitment I made to wait 5 minutes to give myself time to think through what I'm about to do and to get past the craving.  It gives me time to really think about the consequences of giving in... and I've talked myself out of it every time!  It's kept me from binging and sneaking food! 

And if that doesn't, this should...

Wow.  Have I been there a million times before. 

I can't believe how different it feels to be free from that bondage!  It's a huge weight off my shoulders, my heart, and my body to no longer sneak food or have private rendezvous with snacks.  Instead of trying to fill the emotional voids with food, I'm focused on my dreams and making them happen... the shift in perspective has made all the difference in the world!  I SO encourage you to try it... just give it a shot and see what happens!

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