Saturday, January 7, 2012

Be That Woman!

These words are so awesome!  And who would've thought this quote was from Albert Einstein?  Not me. 

Although I'm not walking with the crowd right now, I'm also not walking alone.  My Heavenly Father is with me every second of every day!  I have family and friends who love and support me!  But I think I still get what ol' Al meant.  So, I'm going where I've never been before, with the help of my biggest fans!

We had an early wake-up call this morning for a one-day trip to Branson with my husband and in-laws to tour facilities for a family reunion this summer.  (5:30 AM on a Saturday is pretty early for my taste, unless we're hunting, of course!)  I grabbed an amazing cup of Wolfgang Puck's Sorrento Fair Trade coffee, put on some make-up, and we headed out.  We made only one stop at a gas station on the way down for a restroom break and I grabbed a big liter of water, a serving of beef jerky, and snacked on an Oreo Crisp 100 calorie pack.  Three and a half hours later we arrived in Branson, MO!  We toured the place, made some notes, cruised around the VERY empty strip (Branson in January is NOTHING like Branson in June!), visited a shop, and decided to have some lunch at a burger specialty restaurant. 

I had a difficult time deciding what to order.  They had a neat-sounding veggie burger, a turkey burger, and a salmon fillet sandwich, in addition to a bunch of greasy burgers (and I'm picky about burgers...).  I was scared that I wouldn't like the veggie or turkey burger, so I decided on the salmon and a small order of wedge fries.  Pretty yummy!  I didn't eat all the bread or fries and was politely full!  It did hurt my stomach a little, and it could be because I've been making better choices lately and am getting used to better food. 

On the way out, my mother-in-law asked if I wanted a cookie or brownie from behind the tempting glass case!  My mind instantly went into calorie counting & decision making mode.  I began thinking about the amount of calories I consumed during lunch and how many remained for this evening's lunch.  If I had a cookie or brownie, I'd be decreasing my window later on and might feel deprived or unsatisfied. 

Now, you have to understand what a HUGE victory this was for me!!!  Thanks to my dad's genes, I have a serious sweet tooth.  We love to end every meal with something sweet and it's hard to say no.  This decision-making process in my head lasted about 10 seconds.  I was satisfied from lunch and remembered I had a granola bar in my purse to snack on later if I needed something sweet.  So, I politely declined.  AND I'M SO PROUD OF MYSELF!!!  (By the way, I didn't even eat the granola bar!  I ended up eating granola cereal for my dinner around 6:00!)  We had a great day trip to and from Branson!

I tell you this long-winded story so you understand the thought process I go through when faced with temptations.  I had a serious fast food craving for dinner tonight but, after 10 minutes, I was able to reason with myself and not blow it!  Here's how I've done so far this week!  Check out how far under my weekly budget I was last week and am this week!  (Remember, I still have an entire day left to eat, so I'm definitely not starving.  And, Monday's calories aren't a mistake.  I was really busy cleaning and taking down the Christmas decor, so I didn't eat a lot.  Plus, I burned a lot of calories)

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