Thursday, January 5, 2012

Be Grateful and MOVE!

I take my commitment to post on my blog every day seriously!  I really need this (my weight loss) to work, so I want to make every effort to do it.  Every now and then my schedule will be swamped and it might be difficult, but I'll make it happen!

My husband and best friend has been amazing to me and so supportive!  He's made sweet suggestions like "let's take the stairs today" in the parking garage (it's only two flights, but we always take the elevator).  We did it and it was no big deal!  I kind of felt like we achieved something together!  Shhh... don't say anything but it was kind of fun! 

Little changes can add up to a big difference in no time.  Taking two flights of stairs should be a no-brainer.  And we're blessed with the ability to walk.  Parking futher away at the grocery store to burn extra calories is smart!  And we're blessed to have our own vehicle and the means to buy groceries.  I've REALLY increased the amount of water I'm drinking at work, but get frustrated with the increased amount of trips to the restroom it requires.  And I'm blessed with pure, clean water and indoor restroom facilities in a heated/air conditioned building.

When we're feeling lazy and ungrateful, let's remind ourselves of all the things we take for granted and how blessed we truly are!  Then, get up and do SOMETHING!  Just move!  Any kind of active movement is better than no movement at all!  Be the girl (or guy) you were too lazy to be yesterday!

"The rain clouds are gatherin' but I'm still havin' a good time!
Even though a storm is brewin' you know what I'll be doin' is dancing on sunshine.
When life brings me troubles I go dancin' through the puddles and away my troubles fly!"


  1. Love this image! Love the inspiration! Makes me want to jump up and do everything I always procrastinate.
    Thanks girl!

  2. Me too!!! You are SO welcome... and THANK YOU!!!

  3. hi there - what's the quote at the bottom from? Thanks!

  4. It's actually a song in an HBO commercial that's been airing recently. A little girl is singing it, but I'm not sure who she is or who wrote it. I just know I LOVE the words!!!