Thursday, December 29, 2011

Day Two... It's ON!

So day two arrived and with it came a sense of accomplishment and relief that the initial "just do it" phase is behind me!  I've started my blog, I have followers to hold me accountable, and the whole thing is in motion! 

Here are the good things about my first "real" day...
  * I logged my first day of food!
  * I came within 20 calories of my daily caloric intake!
  * I made better choices in what I ate!
  * I didn't overeat!
  * I drank a great amount of water!
  * I read my weight loss advantages!
  * I'm blogging about it!

Some challenges I'm facing...
  * Having healthy food available to chose from in the kitchen
  * Finding healthier dinner options that will appeal to my husband & 14 year old teenager
  * Making time to do Zumba
  * Eliminating negative thoughts about myself

What I know...
  * I CAN do it!!!
  * With a little research I can find new recipes for healthier dinner options
  * I can make time to work out at home.  Even 15 minutes is better than nothing at all!
  * I am supported and loved.
  * There's no need for negative thoughts
  * Hard work now WILL pay off later!!

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