Saturday, December 31, 2011

Here's to a New Year!

I can't believe it's already New Year's Eve!  I'm sure I'm not the only one who feels that way.   Most of us typically do.  I know I'm SUPER excited about what's to come in 2012!  I'm so eager to see what dreams come to life; to be able to look back on goals I've set and feel proud when I accomplish and achieve them!  I'm hopeful for the new beginnings...

So yesterday I did GREAT!!!  I consumed 443 calories LESS than my daily goal and I burned around 400 calories doing my first Zumba workout with my new DVD set!  So let's talk about that...

In being honest and transparent with you about my journey, not all of it will be pretty.  Reality is that it's been around three years since I've participated regularly in a Zumba class.  You wouldn't know it to hear me talk about how great and much fun I think Zumba is!  In those few years I've put on the 30+ pounds I lost when I was doing so great.  Needless to say, Zumba was a lot more difficult than I anticipated with that extra weight.  Alone in my basement, I felt so embarrassed and ashamed of myself.  How could I have let myself get so out of shape? 

Honestly, I wanted to give up.  It was difficult and overwhelming and I felt downright klutzy.  It wasn't long into the workout before I started picturing the DVD's accumulating dust on the T.V.   But then, something changed.  I heard my inner voice repeating my own words... "it's not always going to be easy" and "so many people heavier than me have lost weight and kept it off... I can, too!"  And, just like that, I talked myself out of quitting!  I didn't give up!  I changed my perspective and my circumstances changed, too!  (I finished the entire workout!) 

The other important thing to share with you is that I had to fight, HARD, to stop myself from thinking negative thoughts about myself. 


So even though the DVD's aren't as exciting and fun as being in a live class with others, I decided I'd use them initially to re-learn the steps and get my rhythm back, dropping a few pounds in the meantime.  And when the Zumba classes at work begin, I'll be more ready than I would've been had I not asked Santa for these DVD's!

I challenge you to try and talk yourself out of doing something you shouldn't this week... like giving up when something feels difficult or caving in when you know you shouldn't!  It's an amazing feeling when you do it and it works!

Friday, December 30, 2011

My Mental State & A Bad Expiration Date

We all know expiration dates are stamped onto food products for a very good reason.  Sometimes you're just fine eating food a little past the expiration date.  Other times, it doesn't work out so well.  I'm not exactly sure when I purchased the Buddig Honey Roasted Turkey I wanted for lunch yesterday (actually, I have a good idea but it's too embarrassing to admit).  It was only a few days past the expiration date... it should've been fine, right?  It wasn't!  It smelled kind of gross and the tiny bite I attempted was even grosser (is that a word?).  The cats and dogs LOVED the smell and annoyed me trying to get a sample.  I didn't give them one.  I had two other packets in the fridge with similar expiration dates, so I tossed those as well. 

SO, the picture you see below is the lunch I planned to eat.  I ate it all, minus the turkey!  When I was so successful at losing 35 pound in 2007-2008, I ate this kind of lunch most every day of the week.  It's just under 500 calories and, when consumed slowly to actually enjoy the food, it's satisfying and fulfilling! 

1 Pkg Buddig Honey Roasted Turkey, 1 Stick Sargento String Cheese, 1 Pkg Sun Chips, 1 Nature Valley Fruit & Nut Trail Mix bar, 32 Ounces Ice Cold Water

Now, there really is a purpose behind me drinking from a 32 oz. milk bottle.  It's mental.  If you know me, you know I'm pretty mental by nature (in a great way)!  My family enjoys drinking the different flavors of milk from the Shatto Milk Company in Osborn, MO and they put their milk in rad bottles with fun words on the front!  When we're finished drinking the milk, we could return the bottles to the store for a small refund.  Instead, we wash and repurpose them. 

I love drinking from the 32 oz size.  I can drink 4 cups (32 oz) of water in no time.  Seeing the frozen ice cubes in that refreshing water in a bottle with "Ice Cold" on the front just makes me want to drink it. 

Thus, it's MENTAL!

At this point, I'll be doing what works for me!  If I have to lead myself to water using a Shatto milk bottle, I will! 

* Word of caution, drinking from these bottles takes practice... spills are known to occur!

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Santa Loves Zumba!

I'll admit it... I'm in love with Santa!  He was great to me again this year!  (He's really cute, too!)  Check out what he brought me...

This is the Zumba Fitness Total Body Transformation DVD Set. 
(I might have put it on my Christmas list!)

What's in the box?  Four DVDs with workouts: Zumba Fitness Basics Workout, Zumba Fitness 20-Minute Express Workout, Zumba Fitness Sculpt & Tone Workout, Zumba Fitness Cardio Party Workout, Zumba Fitness Live! Workout, and Zumba Fitness Flat Abs Workout; two toning sticks

Where can you buy one?  Here.

I will say there's nothing like a live Zumba class.  It's truly like a party - like you're dancing at a club for an hour... and the time just FLIES by!  I rarely want it to end!  For the last year and a half I've been working to make lunchtime Zumba classes available to associates of the company I'm employed with.  I think we're really close, but I wanted the option to use these DVDs until the classes begin and afterwards!  Check out for more info!

Day Two... It's ON!

So day two arrived and with it came a sense of accomplishment and relief that the initial "just do it" phase is behind me!  I've started my blog, I have followers to hold me accountable, and the whole thing is in motion! 

Here are the good things about my first "real" day...
  * I logged my first day of food!
  * I came within 20 calories of my daily caloric intake!
  * I made better choices in what I ate!
  * I didn't overeat!
  * I drank a great amount of water!
  * I read my weight loss advantages!
  * I'm blogging about it!

Some challenges I'm facing...
  * Having healthy food available to chose from in the kitchen
  * Finding healthier dinner options that will appeal to my husband & 14 year old teenager
  * Making time to do Zumba
  * Eliminating negative thoughts about myself

What I know...
  * I CAN do it!!!
  * With a little research I can find new recipes for healthier dinner options
  * I can make time to work out at home.  Even 15 minutes is better than nothing at all!
  * I am supported and loved.
  * There's no need for negative thoughts
  * Hard work now WILL pay off later!!

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Here We GEAUX!!!

So I can't put it off any longer.  I can't continue to find a million other things to focus on to avoid starting this exciting journey of adapting and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.  It's just time to get crackin'! 

I titled this post "Here We *GEAUX!!!" because this journey isn't all mine... you are a part of it, too!  By reading and following my blog, you're holding me accountable and helping me to achieve success!  But there's so much more to this blog than reaching MY personal goals.  My dream is that 'Overweight... AND OVER IT' inspires you to make life changes that bring your own dreams into reality, too!  Imagine how it will feel to no longer shop for plus sized clothing... to no longer get winded from walking up one flight of stairs... to hear people say "Wow! Have you lost weight?  You look great!".. and to look back and see how far you've come, feeling a true sense of accomplishment!  These things CAN happen!  They've happened for others and they can happen for you!

In this blog I plan to be open and honest with you about the challenges I'm facing, the struggles I go through, the great things I've accomplished, and what I'm doing to get there.  It's pretty difficult to share with friends, family, and strangers how much I weigh and to post pictures of myself looking less than ideal (in my mind).  However, I have to do it... for my health, for my future, for my family, for you, for God - and start living the kind of life He designed!

My next post will detail my goals, my beginning weight, and some ideas on how I plan to achieve great things!

* "Geaux" is cajun french for the word "go"... we're big LSU fans in this family and the Tigers have really inspired me this year with a 13-0 season and a spot in the 2012 BCS National Championship!  GEAUX TIGERS!!!